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Thursday, November 25, 2010

review: keep an eye out for raspberry by Nicholas Camarena

Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety - Aeschylus

Keep An Eye Out For Raspberry
do you remember how it was like when you were a kid and you wanted something so bad that you  just had to do absolutely anything within your grasp to have it even if your parents said otherwise?
Eleven-year-old Raspberry Digtech is one such kid. her persistence and ingenuity pay off but with a price.
"one of the most worshipped boy bands ever" is in town  and she wants to see their performance but her parents do not allow her. Rebecca, her cousin and dear friend, is just as crazy about the Jave Nacklern band. unlike Raspberry, she could go to the concert only if her thirteen-year-old brother Rusty chaperons her. Rusty though is a brat, knows he is one and is proud of it. he loves to pester his sister and his cousin Raspberry. he isn't into bands and prefers video games yet he still accompanies the girls to the auditorium. how things are accomplished by Raspberry and what happens after will certainly delight readers both young and old.
Keep An Eye Out For Raspberry is written and illustrated by Nicholas Camarena. he writes effectively from a child's point of view and injects his story with humor and warmth. he has a message for everyone - especially to his young readers and he manages to deliver this through Raspberry's experiences as she learns the value of obedience, respect for authority and the merits of friendship. readers can easily empathize with her and her narrative will surely evoke memories of one's childhood too.

Keep An Eye Out For Raspberry is available at Smashwords.com and at the Nicholas Camarena Mobile Theater

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