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Monday, February 28, 2011

bestseller for a day: 30 pieces of silver by Carolyn McCray + guest post + giveaway

30 Pieces of Silver: A Guest Post

I hate to say I put poor AO Bibliophile in a difficult position.

Actually I put a lot of readers in a difficult position because you see "30 Pieces of Silver" is controversial.  Not just controversial but extremely controversial. As one of my readers noted ""30 Pieces of Silver" makes Dan Brown's Da Vinci look like a Sunday School lesson."

Meticulously researched yet lushly drawn, I wanted "30 Pieces of Silver" to not just entertain but to challenge any reader's preconceived notions about not only Judas' betrayal but the aftermath of the Crucifixion.

Told both in Christ's time and our own, I hope I have drawn a tangled yet believable tale of intrigue and deception.

Below is a sample of the novel.  If you enjoy the excerpt please head over to "30 Pieces of Silver's" Amazon.com page where it is available for just 99 cents in honor of "Bestseller for a Day."

With the purchase of "30 Pieces of Silver" you will be helping an indie author scale the Kindle Bestseller Lists and show the publishing industry that talent exists outside NY!

And here is the promised excerpt from "30 Pieces of Silver":

30 Pieces of Silver
Given the amount of firepower launched at her today, it was difficult to chalk Lochum up to a crazy conspiracy guy anymore. But to make this leap in logic that John the Baptist lay before them, she could not tolerate.
“Just because these bones date to the first century AD, and you found dirt consistent with the area embedded in his tendons, and he was decapitated, does not make him that John.”
When Lochum finally met her gaze, his lips carried a genuine smile. Not a manipulative grin or a condescending smirk, but a true smile. She didn’t think she had ever seen that expression on his face before.
The professor handed her a magnifying glass. “Just look.”
Rebecca stepped back. This attitude she had seen before. Lochum had perfected domineering to an art form.
“And find what?” she asked. “Some wood slivers consistent with the stakes the Romans used to mount his head on the gate? Or maybe linen fibers deep in the joints to prove that his people stole the remains to give him a proper burial? That isn’t going to prove what you need it to prove.”
To her surprise, no anger rose in Lochum’s eyes; instead, the professor just smiled that completely agenda-free smile again. “For an old friend, ’Becca, please.”
His kind tone took her by complete surprise. She didn’t know what to do besides take the magnifying glass. Rebecca surveyed the ulna first. There were multiple superficial scratches. More than likely scavengers. Rats and the like. The radius had even more of the linear scorings. Hungry little bastards. But then she moved on to the pelvis, where there were hundreds of markings. Pulling back a few inches to take in more of the pattern, she realized that they were not random at all.
“That’s ancient Greek!”
Lochum didn’t sound condescending in any way. “Yes, and the lettering covers the entire surface of the skeleton.”
Rebecca swung around to find Brandt as stunned as she was. Whatever the sergeant’s skepticism a moment before, his face held only sheer wonder. Yep, that was Lochum at his best.
“Brandt, come look.” But the sergeant frowned, looking torn between his duty and his curiosity. “Just a peek,” she cajoled.
Who could turn down a direct view into ancient history? Especially someone who knew of Giv’at? Reluctantly at first, then with more intent, Brandt viewed the tiny scribbling.
Rebecca turned to Lochum. “Have you deciphered the text?”
“It is encoded as they would have done to ensure the Romans did not stumble upon their closely guarded secrets.” Lochum indicated the skull. “This section relates to his childhood.” He pointed to the femur. “But here is where we have made the most progress. Study these inscriptions.”
Leaning over Brandt, Rebecca moved the glass to the femur. These writings were more organized, with an obvious sentence structure. However, her ancient Greek wasn’t what it used to be. But the word “Christos,” Christ, was unmistakable.
“Can’t you see, ’Becca? We have a map. A map to Jesus.”

Carolyn McCray
And again I would like to thank AO Bibliophile for this incredible opportunity to spread the word about both "30 Pieces of Silver" and "Bestseller for a Day!"  If you would like to know more about "Bestseller for a Day" just visit www.bestsellerforaday.com and to learn more about me visit www.carolynmccray.com

thanks Carolyn for guest posting.  your book certainly "placed me in a difficult position." to find out why, here is my review of 30 Pieces of Silver

Carolyn is also giving away a Kindle to one lucky reader. now isn't that super cool and exciting! so here's what you have to do:
  • go to Bestseller For A Day's website. on the right of the page, you'll see a newsletter form. fill it out then submit.  you are automatically entered. 
  • purchase 30 Pieces of Silver at the Amazon store for just 99¢. this offer is only valid today February 28, 2011. 
 good luck to everyone and happy reading!

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