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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bestseller for a day: irish moon by Amber Scott + guest post + giveaway

99¢ on 3/16/11
Irish Moon: character panel interview

Amber: Breanne, Finn, Ashlon, the modern world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day this week, and being that you all hail from 1315, readers agreed that we would love your take on this popular holiday’s rituals.
So, first one: Did you know the shamrock symbolizes the holiday?

Breanne: Patrick was sainted? Certainly not for a simple parlor trick such as comparing his God, Son and Holy Spirit with the leaves of a bit of clover.

Finn: It isn’t the clover, it is the reaction. He made it understandable to commoners.

Ashlon: If not for a deep love and abiding distaste for present company, I’d declare blasphemy. Truly.

Finn: You’d break my heart, Sir Ashlon! To lose your esteem, I cannot bear the thought.

Breanne: Finn, take care. I’ve used the magic once. Don’t make me do it again.

Finn: You canno' blame me for a little distaste over a leafy plant earning such infamy.

Amber: Point taken, Finn. Next, what do you all think of the green beer and revelry.

Breanne: I love it! I see the old ways alive in the new!

Ashlon: I have to agree. Ritual is vital to any spiritual experience and a day drinking good ale is good for any man.

Finn: Green beer? You both agree with green beer?! I have no words. 

Amber: LOL, Finn. Okay, final question. What about the pinching if you don’t wear green?

Finn *purring*: This I’ll take. The fools deserve it regardless of the color they sport. Truly.

Breanne: I’m at a loss, but could draw similarities to fertility rites and Beltane.

Ashlon: I’m game for a good pinch along with a full pint, any given day.

Amber: Thanks so much! I’ve had a great laugh and a few new insights as well, which makes Enchanted  Moon  revisions even more interesting.

Finn: Tease! Bring Enchanted Moon up again and I vow to spill every secret.

Amber *interrupting*: And that concludes our Irish Moon character panel. Happy St. Patty’s Day to all!!

Amber Scott is originally from Nevada and makes her home now in Arizona with her husband and two children. In between the sheets (doing the laundry here) and other household chores, she escapes this world and enters that of her characters. A chocolate addict, she believes that even in real life, there is a happily ever after.

thanks Amber for guest posting today with that great interview with Breanne, Ashlon and Finn. it gave me a few laughs too.  to learn more about Bree and Sir Ashlon, here is my review of Irish Moon.

Amber is also giving away 8 Amazon Gift Cards!  here's what you have to do to get a chance at winning one:
  • go to Bestseller For A Day's website. on the right of the page, you'll see a newsletter form. fill it out then submit.  you are automatically entered. 
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good luck to everyone and happy reading!

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