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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bibliochat with Jemima Valentino

aobibliophile™: hi Jemima and welcome to aobibliosphere™. i'd like to start our chat by asking you to please tell us something about yourself.
Jemima Valentino: Hi, and thanks so much for having me here. Well, to start at the beginning, I'm a 33 year old British professional writer turned indie author of erotica. My first book, His Elle, was published for Amazon Kindle in January of this year and is also now available on Barnes & Noble Nook Book. I'm excited to have actually sold quite a few copies! I live in the UK with my hugely supportive husband (I also have a long term chronic pain condition so he's got a lot on his plate with me!), two gorgeous daughters and insane black labrador dog.

aob™: when did you start your love affair with books? 

JV: I read To Kill a Mockinbird by Harper Lee when I was 9 years old as part of my English lessons at school, then re-read it in my early 20's and have since read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I think it's fair to say that book started my love affair with the written word. My favourite genres are firmly sat in the dark side. I love well written erotica (not just porn!), authors that can produce excellent psychological reads such as indie author Kitty Thomas, thrillers and paranormal books. I've recently read the first 4 of the Merry Gentry fae princess series by Laurell K. Hamilton, which were great, but the series is now starting to border on the ridiculous. I loathe anything that has no depth, and I'm also not so keen on traditional romance stories, or heavy crime / court room dramas.     

aob™: how did you discover your love for writing? 

JV: The quick answer is at school. I got an A for a story piece that I wrote when I was a kid and have written ever since. I remember writing a poem for my mum and dad's 21st wedding anniversary, and they've been married 40 years now, so that's showing my age! My mother still embarasses me with it at every single family gathering and she still cries every time she reads it. It's an eye-rolling experience, but I'm glad she still has that emotional reaction to it. 

aob™: how did your family and friends and everyone else react when they learned that you wanted to be a writer?

JV: Well, because I write in the BDSM genre, I have actually told very few people. I also have a day job that pays the mortgage as I'm not a famous published writer just yet! My husband is very proud and he is the one that encouraged me to self-publish and go down the indie route. My parents also know I have written a book in this genre, but they wish I would write something they could read and show their friends! It's not going to happen any time soon.

aob™:  His Elle deals with BDSM and you read my review  of your book. what was the story behind this story? 

JV: I never meant to write in this genre. It was a complete accident. I have a friend that is a real-life slave/submissive to her husband and her viewpoint on life is completely fascinating. The basis of the storyline for His Elle started from that small seed planted by my friend but just to make it clear, the book is not based on anyone in particular and is an entirely fictional story. From there, I became fascinated with extraordinary people and the way the human mind and body can accomplish extraordinary things. During the research for the book I found a deep newfound respect for those that choose to live in this alternative lifestyle. For me, the main focus of fascination is the psychological aspect of BDSM and how the relinquishment of such utter control to another person can offer a freedom between the couple that can never be truly justified to anyone else. 

aob™: could you share with us Jemima what you did to celebrate your first sale?

JV: My husband and I shared a large Domino's pizza. To be honest, rather than my first sale, the first real review I had by someone that didn't know me was a massive turning point for me as a writer. It meant it was real and someone else have read and loved my work. 

aob™: what do you love to do on your spare time?

JV: I love to read. I read as much as I can, especially as I was bought a Kindle for my birthday in February. I also love my garden. By trade I am actually on a second career as a horticulturalist, something I never thought I would do in a million years, but I have a new found love for my garden, and my plants. We're building a veg patch in our garden at the moment, and as sad as it sounds I really enjoy it. Because I also have fibromyalgia it is also about the only exercise I get at the moment without the aid of an ambulance.

aob™: you have been featuring snippets of The House On Hundred Hill on your blog. could you tell us more about this?
JV: Ah yes, The House on Hundred Hill. Both my friend and my nemesis. I wonder if other authors fall foul of their own creations. I love writing this book, and my editor (and awesome author in his own right - Philip Ellis) has given me some great feedback so far, but I am stuck right in the middle of it at the moment and need to redirect the plot for fear of it running away with itself. The story is a paranormal erotica, with BDSM elements, although nowhere near as heavy as His Elle. It will probably fall within the genre of erotic romance. It is based on a Nephilim - half human, half fallen angel - named Draven, and his obsession of rejoining the immortal realm. In order to do so, he needs to take the soul of a human female, but he can't force it from her, it must be freely given in order for him to achieve his greatest desire. Look out for the release of it later this year, although I am still sketchy on the timing as I need to finish writing it.
aob™: what would you like to tell your readers and critics?
I am eternally grateful to each and every person who has read my debut novella His Elle, even the critics who haven't enjoyed the book but who have commented on the intensity of the writing style and character development. Keep on buying my book so I can quit my day job and work more on my first love - writing. Also keep an eye out for more of my books coming out soon!  
aob™: any last thoughts before we conclude?
FREE ebook
JV: To my readers - If you haven't had a chance yet, check out my free read 'Broken' which you can find on my blog and also on Smashwords. I always love to receive feedback whether positive or constructive criticism so keep on contacting me with your thoughts.
aob™: thank you very much Jemima for taking time to be with us today. it was a pleasure having you on aobiliosphere™.
It was a pleasure to be here! Thanks for having me. 
for more information about Jemima Valentino and her work, please visit:
His Elle for Amazon Kindle US - http://amzn.to/gR9oCM
His Elle for Amazon Kindle UK - http://amzn.to/fkQsqr
His Elle for B&N Nook Book - http://bit.ly/eT5xK0

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