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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

double treat: excerpts from Dares and Dreams & Immortyl Kisses by BK Walker

excerpt from Dares and Dreams:

“These dear Lannie are my supply of nourishment.” She said smiling.
    “Nourishment?” I had a feeling what it was.
    “Blood mate. I haven’t grasped the whole sucking on a human so I buy my supply from a wholesaler. I store it and freeze it. When I get thirsty I just grab an Esky. Lasts me a long while actually.” She chuckled.
    “There are wholesalers for blood? Like a blood bank?” I couldn’t believe it.
    “Sure. There is a group of humans that have learned of us and are trying to make it easier for us to co-exist among humans. They hope one day for us to live together like humans live together.” She sighed. “They have high hopes.”
    I had so many questions for her. I wanted to learn about her world as much as possible. At least if I had to become a Vamp-Witch, I would be a well informed one. I couldn’t help but laugh at that thought.
    “So tell me what happened to you. How did you become a part of Selene’s Coven?”
    “You do not call her your mother mate?” She looked confused.
    “I have never met her until now. It’s hard for me to call her Mom. I don’t know her.” I said with sincere honesty.
    “Ah. I understand. It will come good. You will see.” She smiled reassuringly.
    I couldn’t help but chuckle. I have never met someone from Australia before. Her accent was going to take some getting used to along with the meaning of her words.
    “So when I became a vampire, I was in a bar brawl with some rat bag. The bloody fool pulled a gun and shot me right in the middle of the street. Her boyfriend and her then shoved me in a boot, that means trunk matey.” She explained when she saw my confusion. “I was in a lot of pain. Next thing I know the boot lid was ripped off and there was a beautiful woman standing in front of me. She lifted me out of the boot with no effort at all.” She shook her head at the memory.
    “I think at first she just smelled the blood, and thought she was going to feed. After she saw me though, she changed her mind. She carried me like I was a paper bag. I was slipping into unconsciousness. I can’t remember how far. When I came to for a brief second she was sucking on my wrist. I thought I was going to die.”
    “When I came to days later, the bullet wound was completely healed. I felt great. I was in a strange room. The door opened and it was the woman that saved me. She explained what happened. She told me I reminded her of her little sister. I didn’t want to believe it at first.”
    “I must admit I freaked out a little bit. She calmed me. I stayed with her for a long time. She showed me the ways of the people. I was getting bored. I moved on. I became a drifter.”
    “That is when I came across Selene and her Coven. She gave me hope. She was much better at explaining the life to me than the woman that made me what I am. I realized there was a better way than just randomly killing humans. I like your mother’s way. Of course, I think it’s because she is half witch. She doesn’t need to sustain on blood like pure vampires. She does give us a better way though.” She smiled a big smile at me. “Fair Dinkum.”
    So my…mother…isn’t so bad after all. That was a plus for her. “Did it hurt? When you were becoming a vampire?” I winced.
    “I don’t remember mate. I think I was out of it for the most part. I just remember coming to and feeling great. Great, and thirsty.” She winked at me.
    “Do you think it will hurt? Is that really what I need to do? Go through this ritual on my birthday?” I asked with anticipation.
    “Selene knows our people better than anyone I have ever come across. She is a very smart woman. Some have said it hurts. Others have said no. I can’t tell you otherwise. I think every person is different mate. To each their bloody own.” She chuckled.

excerpt from Immortyl Kisses:

        “May I kiss you Raine?”
       Raine raised her eyebrows in surprise while feeling her heart race.  He wants to kiss me?  I can't believe he doesn't want to try for Shania.  They always want Shania,  not me.  Excited about experiencing her first kiss,  she nodded and Tristan slowly leaned closer to her.  Putting his hand on her cheek,  he softly brushed his lips against hers.  Raine closed her eyes and savored the moment.  Just like in the movies,  her hands came up around his neck and he deepened the kiss,  but remained gentle.  His hand resting on the small of her back,  passion flooded him.  He could smell the scent of her blood,  an enticing mix of jasmine and vanilla,  hear it pumping through her veins just beneath the surface of her soft skin.  She smelled delicious,  he felt the need grow to taste her.  He wanted to experience her in every way,  to know what she was thinking. If he could have just a small taste,  her thoughts would flood him.  He pulled back with a jerk.  These types of emotions were never any good for him.  They always seemed to be followed by trouble.  He quickly turned away from her,  eyes squinting,  brows furrowing as he felt ashamed for letting his senses get the better of him.  He swore to himself that he would be extra careful with Raine.  What would she think if she knew what he really was?  What would she do?  He couldn't risk that kind of exposure,  not yet.
       “What is it Tristan?” A startled Raine asked.  Did I do it wrong? Oh God. I sucked!
       “Nothing.”  He quickly settled his nerves,  realizing this was her first kiss and he needed to make sure she knew it was perfect.  Turning back to face her,  he quickly came up with a diversion to his actions.  “I enjoyed that very much.  I have wanted to kiss you since I first laid eyes on you.”  He caressed her cheek.
       “I liked the kiss too.”  Somewhat surprised that he's been wanting to kiss her,  Raine could only think about how her first kiss under the moonlight was just perfect.  She put her finger to her lips remembering the feel of Tristan’s when he kissed her.  She was still having a hard time believing it wasn't Shania he's been wanting to kiss.
       “Maybe we should head back into the dance then?”  Tristan knew it would be best to go back in where they would be surrounded by people then to risk another kiss.
       “Oh God.  It's getting late.  I think home would be better.  I will go let Shania know I’m ready.”  Raine had enough of dancing anyways,  though she wasn't ready to end her night with Tristan.
       “I will walk you home.  It’d be my pleasure.”
      Relief washed over her along with excitement.  He was going to walk her home.  Her night with him would not end abruptly.  “Okay then.  Let me just go tell Shania I’m leaving.”
       “Very well.  I will wait right here.”  He watched her run back into the gym and out of sight.  He had heard something while he was kissing Raine,  and wanted to make sure it was safe.  He would allow no harm to come to her.  He turned to head to the back of school.
       “Well hello Tristan.  It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other last.”
      Tristan spun around to face a smiling,  impish looking man stepping out from the shadows.  Well,  he looked like a teen such as himself,  but he was definitely a man by age.  “What are you doing here Logan?”
       “Is that any way to greet an old friend?”
       “We are not friends.  What are you doing here?”
       “Relax Tristan.  I am alone.  I tired of the drear and lack of excitement in Norfolk.  I thought it was time for a change.”
        “Nobody is with you?  Where is Antone?”
        “He is still in Norfolk.  My guess is he doesn’t even know I am gone.  It will be days,  maybe even weeks before he figures it out.  He probably thinks I’m out hunting.”
 Tristan just stared at Logan,  seeking his face for the truth.  Logan had only one thing in mind….himself.  He couldn’t see any trickery hiding in his expression.  For now,  Tristan would take what he said for the truth.
“You must leave here Logan.  It is unsafe,  even for you.”
       “Not for you though, is that right?  I’ve got news for you ol’ friend,  I saw you kiss the girl.  There is no war here,  just you,  afraid that I will steal your food.”
       “She is not food.  If you even try…”
       “You like her...Tristan.”  Logan cut him off.
Tristan refused to answer.  When Raine returned before he could get rid of Logan, he let out deep sigh.  If he could have tossed Logan into the woods and tied him to a tree he’d have done so right then and there. 
       “Okay Tristan.  I’m ready.”  Raine paused to look at the boy that Tristan was talking to.  She had never seen him before and couldn’t help but wonder if he were a relation of Tristan’s.  Aside from the brown hair and brown eyes,  and the darker skin complexion,  they could’ve passed for brothers if not at least cousins by their features.
       “You must forgive my…cousin.  He has forgotten his manners.  I’m Logan.”
       “Hi Logan.  I’m Raine.”
       “Very nice to meet you indeed Raine.”  Taking her hand in his,  he leaned in to kiss it,  but the smell of her was so enticing,  he licked her hand instead.
       Pulling her hand away,  she looked at Tristan.  Anger flowed to his bones.  He would deal with Logan later.  Right now he had to get Raine home safely,  and he didn’t want Logan following them.
       “Shall we go Raine?”  Tristan held his arm out to her.
       “Sure.  It was nice meeting you Logan.”  Raine smiled and looped her arm through Tristan’s. 
       Logan left out a small growl as he watched them  walk away.  “Nice to taste you too,  Raine.  Until we meet again.”

Author BK Walker is currently living in Central Pennsylvania with her three children,  Brittney, Hunter, and Daniel.  She works as a pediatric home care nurse which she truly enjoys.  Always having a love of writing,  she has created a world of her own through her imagination and her muse.  She loves to write paranormal romance and has also dabbled in dramatic romance.  BK is working on her first Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy,  and has learned so much through her writing endeavors.  Helping other authors to promote and market their work,  she also founded The Virtual Book Tour Cafe and a book review site at BK Walker Books. With a huge love for animals,  supporting Animal Rescue Organizations such as ASPCA and Pit Bull Rescue,  she loves spending time with her dogs,  a pit bull named Rancid and dachshund named Sadie, an adoptee.  BK also owns a kitten named Whiskers and a goldfish called Fat Albert with room in her heart and home for more.

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