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Saturday, March 19, 2011

guest post: when the muse strikes by BK Walker

I'm often asked,  "Where do you get your ideas for your books?" or "Where do you draw inspiration from?".

Everyone has heard a writer talk about their "Muse".  According to the dictionary,  a Muse is - to become absorbed in thought; especially : to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively.  How will you hear a writer describe a Muse?  Simply - "We hear voices in our heads",  lol.  I think that many people think writers are just plain 'Crazy'. 

It may be true to an extent,  but when the Muse strikes,  it's so hard to tune it out.  Especially my Muse.  She's a girl,  I know because once she starts,  she never shuts up.  Sometimes she is so relentless that I have no choice but to get in front of my computer and type what's,  haha you guessed it,  in my head.

Ideas for my books usually come to me in my dreams.  This is where my Muse gets her thrills.  She likes to put the characters into my head,  and then I dream out the scenes,  and believe it or not,  sometimes complete chapters.  I can remember once,  my muse waking me up at 4 o'clock in the morning.  I fought with her for 3 hours to let me go back to sleep.  She is strong though,  and finally at 7am I crawled out of bed,  mind you it was a day I actually had off work and I work midnights so to actually sleep at night and sleep in is a great excitement in my life,  started a pot of coffee and turned my computer on.  My Muse was screaming in my head so loudly that I could barely wait until the coffee was ready.

Finally after pouring my cup of coffee,  turning on my favorite CD,  I sat at my computer.  My Muse said,  "FINALLY",  and as I was totally tuned out to my surroundings, except for the music and my Muse,  four chapters poured out of my fingertips.  After that,  my Muse went silent.  She was happy that she got her way, like a spoiled child, and I guess she got to go back to sleep unlike myself.

That happens to me more than not.  Inspirations come from all around,  and once the Muse picks up on an idea, look out,  as this is when ideas flood your brain,  your thoughts,  and your dreams.  

BK Walker is currently living in Central Pennsylvania with her three children,  Brittney, Hunter, and Daniel.  She works as a pediatric home care nurse which she truly enjoys.  Always having a love of writing,  she has created a world of her own through her imagination and her muse.  She loves to write paranormal romance and has also dabbled in dramatic romance.  BK is working on her first Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy,  and has learned so much through her writing endeavors.  Helping other authors to promote and market their work,  she also founded The Virtual Book Tour Cafe and a book review site at BK Walker Books. With a huge love for animals,  supporting Animal Rescue Organizations such as ASPCA and Pit Bull Rescue,  she loves spending time with her dogs,  a pit bull named Rancid and dachshund named Sadie, an adoptee.  BK also owns a kitten named Whiskers and a goldfish called Fat Albert with room in her heart and home for more.

i would like to say thank you very much to BK Walker for guest posting today. to know more about BK and her work please visit: 


thanks to you as well for stopping by. do  visit again on Tuesday March 22, 2011 as i feature excerpts from her novels Dares and Dreams and Immortyl Kisses.

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