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Friday, April 8, 2011

01 Masters & Mistresses of the Genre: Lake Lopez - i want to scare the hell out of you

welcome to the Masters & Mistresses of the Genre Series featuring
Lake Lopez: Master of Horror

First and most important, let me express deep appreciation to aobibliophile for supporting my work and allowing me to guest-write here. It’s an honor to be among those who love books. I love books, too. In fact it’s fair to say that I became addicted to books at an impressionable age. Now, I’m the grown-up version of a quiet boy who grew up in Narnia and Prydain and came of age battling Stephen King’s best monsters by flashlight.

Like many youngsters who fall in love with other people’s stories, I began writing my own. This led to various adventures in literature, travel and living like a pauper as I set out to be a serious writer. You know the type; they wear smart looking suits and have strong opinions about politics and world affairs. After introspection, I found that being serious about writing made playing with words as much fun as playing a guitar with no strings. So I gave it up - completely. I set down my pen and vowed to break my addiction to words.

Lake Lopez
 It didn’t last long, thankfully. Any addict will tell you the 13th step of a 12-Step program is The Relapse. I’m no exception. The addiction returned stronger than ever but, this time, it was different. The writing came easier, with little effort and it was joyful. It was fun again! I believe this is because I wrote without the intention of seeing a published work at Borders, but rather with the boyish desire of connecting with a reader. My muse was alive not to be published, but to shout I wrote this for you! What does it mean to you? So after many years and many stories, I learned that being a writer is not about being taken seriously. It’s about being read.

That said, I have some writing to share with you. These short horror stories represent the beginning of a new body of work. In these stories we find a dangerous green eyed boy, a man who longs for the life of his dreams and an unusual holiday tale that you should never, under any circumstances, read to your children. (More stories coming soon.)

Short stories are like kisses from strangers. They do the job when you need a little validation. But novels, on the other hand, are long term relationships. I’ve got one of those for you, too. It’s about a boy and an old guitar with a haunted past. This book is for everyone who remembers High School, and the often desperate longing for acceptance and approval that one has in youth. You might find you were once a bit like Garren, a boy destined for greatness - or darkness. Or maybe you were more like Anthony, the best friend determined to save the world from a seductive horror. Or maybe you were once like the beautiful Tory, a girl who understands life better than any kid should. 

This Sinister story explores the inner workings of boys, girls, God and the devil – and the glory of youth and amplified music, of course. Sinister is published as the chapters are completed. So I will either share a glorious book with you, bit by bit, or fail miserably right before your eyes! Either way is okay, because we’ll have some fun along the way and I’m sure we’ll learn a hell of a lot. Hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to hear your comments.

So thanks again to aobibliophile for having me here; and thank you for reading this. I’m off now to give a few words razor sharp edges, the kind that can draw blood. I’m a horror writer, after all, and creating sharp words that might draw blood is part of my job. The mission, however, is to connect with and scare the hell out of YOU! Until then, my best. LL  


i would like to say thank you to Lake Lopez for guest posting today and to you as well for stopping by. watch out for my next master or mistress of the genre!

to find out more about Lake and his work, check out his website at http://www.lakelopezonline.com/

below are the direct links to Lake's free online horror fiction. happy reading and enjoy the scary ride!

Dark House
Green Eyed Boy
The Naughty Ones

 Sinister 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The Friend* 

    *i had the honor of naming the main character in this story c",)

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