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Sunday, May 22, 2011

03 Masters & Mistresses of the Genre: Aaron Polson - always about monsters

welcome to the Masters & Mistresses of the Genre Series featuring
Aaron Polson : Master of Horror

"It Has Always Been About the Monsters"

Why do I write horror?  The Monsters. It has always been about the Monsters.

Let me tell you a story, and I swear to you it’s true. Monsters are real. I’ve seen them.  I’ve lived with them and battled them on a daily basis.  Let me show you.

Our second son, Max, was born on April 30, 2006. Everything went fine: Max was healthy, my wife was healthy, Owen proud to be a big brother. I was a bit nervous, of course, because my wife had a pretty serious battle with postpartum depression after Owen was born.

The summer of '06 cruised along until August 1st. I woke that morning to find the postpartum was back, in a scary way. My wife didn't recognize me. She threatened to take the kids. The police were involved.

She had two stints in the hospital that year. We had some rough times. Scary times. She is an amazing person, and fought the depression as well as she could. We all hung together; we all fought together that year.

There were moments when I was sucked dry. Exhausted. Spent.  The Monsters danced and laughed and mocked me.

We all have struggles. Everyone that reads this post has struggled with something life-changing. No one escapes unscathed. I emerged on the other side and examined my life. I had wanted to write for years. What was I afraid of? Rejection?

Been there, done that.

So I wrote a book. Then some stories. Pretty soon, I turned off the TV (I can't even tell you what's on a major network any night of the week). Once the kids are in bed and my wife & I have our "five minutes" (we make time to talk about work, the kids, etc. each night--usually ends up being closer to an hour rather than five minutes), I write.  I conjure Monsters in my stories every bit as scary as the things I’ve lived through.  If reading horror is cathartic, writing horror is even more so.  In my stories, I rule the Monsters.

It's my therapy. It's a drug. I'm addicted.

When I write, the Monsters are mine.  Let me show you.


Aaron Polson

Aaron Polson
Aaron was born on the Ides of March, 1975. growing up, he enjoyed watching  the Dungeons and Dragons series. his favorite holidays are Halloween and the Fourth of July. he joined the cross-country team in high school and was involved in a theater production of Deadly Earnest. he has a  B.S. in secondary education and English, has taught English at McLouth High School in Northeast Kansas for the past nine years and was district nominee for Kansas Teacher of the Year 2006-2007. 
Aaron currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his beautiful wife and two energetic sons.

We Are The Monsters
While cruising a dark country road late one Saturday night, five high school friends accidentally kill an old drunk. Hiding the body is easy. Lying about what happened is even easier. But lies have a way of breeding Monsters in Springdale, Kansas, and the Monsters have come to play.  

Monsters Among Us
39 short stories from The Bottom Feeders, Violent Ends, and Thirteen Shadows including the novella Black Medicine Thunder and the Sons of Chaos now available as one omnibus collection only for Kindle.

Witness hotels with shifting rooms...carnivorous beetles bent on devouring a sleepy mountain town...vindictive spirits with beautiful eyes...an undead Marine on his return from Iraq...a pond full of restless dead...pale but undying citizens of a haunted town...

Borrowed Saints
Seventeen-year-old Tucker Ellison wants a normal life, but life in Springdale is anything but normal. As if ghost trains and unsolved murders aren't enough, he just might be falling in love with Ellen, an art class weirdo who has her finger on the pulse of small town strangeness. Following Ellen's lead, Tucker quickly tumbles into a world he never imagined--a world which threatens the safety of those closest to him unless he can solve the mystery of the Borrowed Saints.

A young adult novel of 50,000 words / 200 pages. 

Violent Ends
A collection of eleven dark stories with visceral bite. Some are brutal. Others shocking. About the author: Aaron's stories have been reprinted in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2009 and 2010, listed as a recommended read by Tangent Online, received honorable mention in the storySouth Million Writers Award and Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year. 

Thirteen Shadows Ghost Stories
A collection of thirteen ghost stories from Horror Writers Association member Aaron Polson. Some spirits are vengeful, others mere memories which destroy the lives of the living. Includes "The Ox-Cart Man", winner of the 2008 Whispering Spirits Flash Fiction contest, "The Sub-Basement", "Empty Vessels", and more. The stories range in length from flash fiction to 5,000 words. 

Loathsome Dark and Deep
After months of silence from the H&P Lumber and Pulp logging camp, strange raving madmen have wandered out of the woods. Henry Barlow hasn’t carried a gun since his wife’s brutal murder, a memory he drowns nightly with bourbon and whiskey. When reports of the strange goings on at the Lewis River camp reach H&P, they send Barlow and a small band of armed mercenaries upriver to investigate.

The Bottom Feeders and Other Stories
A collection of 14 dark stories from Horror Writers Association member Aaron Polson. Witness hotels with shifting rooms...carnivorous beetles devouring a sleepy mountain town...vindictive spirits with beautiful eyes...an undead Marine on his return from Iraq...a pond full of restless dead in the title story, and more. Includes 4 tales not found in the free edition--two previously unpublished.

The House Eaters
Nick Gillingham knew moving before his senior year would suck... but he never imagined a nightmare like Broughton’s Hollow. It’s bad enough Nick hears disembodied voices after moving near “the House”—a crumbling relic with a sinister past. But then the local football team decides to make him their new tackling dummy, the queen of the school starts manipulating him for her own nefarious purposes, and his parents’ marriage falls apart.

When Nick’s elderly neighbor hints whatever lurks within “the House” might be the cause of his troubles, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the local Indian legend of the “Eating Monster.” Nick will to have to rely on a band of social outcasts from school—and his loony kid sister—to put his life and family back together again. But even if he survives a close encounter with “the House,” Nick will still need to find a date for the homecoming dance.

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    i would like to thank Aaron Polson for guest posting today and to you as well for stopping by. watch out for my next master or mistress of the genre!

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