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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bestseller for a day: Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott + guest post + a chance at a FREE KINDLE

Character Interview 
wherein Ben from Fierce Dawn grills Elijah and Sadie on how they really met


Ben: First of all, I have to say to Sadie—Girl, those jeans are rockin the boo-tay. Mmkay? Now, don’t even think about blushing. You’ve heard far too many rusty trombone stories to get all prim just because your man is sitting all drool worthy here.
Sadie: *rubbing forehead* No instrument today, Ben. Please?
Elijah: Drool worthy?
Ben: Psshht. Don’t even try humble, stud.
Elijah: Fine. What’s with the trombone?
Sadie: NO.*grabbing Elijah’s arm* Don’t ask. You don’t want to know.
Ben: I don’t know. Maybe he does want to know. You play any instruments, Elijah?
Sadie: Ben!
Ben: Okay, okay. Fine. We’ll leave Sanchez and Carl out of things today, too, then. Happy now?
Elijah: *shifting* I’m at a loss to why we’re here in the first place. There’s a few other life or death matters waiting on us, if you don’t mind.
Ben: Oooh. Feisty! Well, hot cheeks, sit still. I’ll let you be on your way after you two tell me how you really met.
Sadie: We told you. At the library.
Ben: Nope. Not buying it.
Elijah: *chuckling* It’s true. I saw her there, asked her out, she said no.
Ben: *clapping loudly* There. See? Impossible. Sadie wouldn’t have the balls—sorry, girl, you just didn’t. Ya might now, but then. No way. So spill it.
Sadie: *sighs* Does it really matter if he knows?
Elijah: *eyebrow quirking* You tell me. Will he believe it? Remember he did have a hand in your little hospital vacation.
Ben: Unfair! I was cornered and don’t forget I helped you find her.
Sadie: True and true. Okay, Ben. On one condition.
Ben: Name it.
Sadie: No more graphic details.
Ben: Oh, sure, deny it all the way home in front of him but you can’t tell me it didn’t help you get a taste of the real world.
Sadie: *grinning* Taste? Bad choice of words. I do adore you, though, so here’s the truth. I’m a human changeling and Elijah helped me transform. I’m also key to exposing a conspiracy against mankind. Oh and vampires are real. Only blood isn’t food. It’s a drug and vampires are nothing more than immortals strung out on it.
Ben: *mouth hanging agape*
Elijah: It’s true. I hunt bloodsuckers. Or I did. Until humans started evolving. Now all hell is breaking loose.
Ben: *slow smile spreading* You two are a riot! I admit it. I was going for a Salt angle, pegging Sadie for an undercover op and you the enemy spy. But this? I f#@king love it.
Sadie: He doesn’t believe us.
Elijah: *shrugs* It’s been fun. But we’re leaving now. *stands, embraces Sadie and in a flash, vanishes with her in his arms*
Ben: What the f—?! *silence

Amber Scott is originally from Nevada and makes her home now in Arizona with her husband and two children. In between the sheets (doing the laundry here) and other household chores, she escapes this world and enters that of her characters. A chocolate addict, she believes that even in real life, there is a happily ever after.


i would like to say thank you to Amber Scott for guest posting today and to you as well for stopping by. 

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    good luck to everyone and happy reading!

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