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Thursday, June 30, 2011

review: when cows fly by Tom Watson

All is not butter that comes from the cow. - Proverb

When Cows Fly
Jake lives in a cabin by the lake and enjoys his life. thanks to Mother Nature's bounty, he has everything he needs. loud noises wake him up one day and what he sees upsets him so much. he sets out to work on a solution and utilizes his cows to help him get rid of the problem.
limericks are usually written in "five-line anapestic or amphibrachic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (aabba)." author Tom Watson uses  six lines and his version follows an aabccb format: 
A handsome boy named Jake (a)
Lived in a cabin by a lake (a)
In the middle of the Michigan wood (b)
He had lots of know-how (c)
Some wonderful cows (c)
All in all, Jake's life was quite good (b)

like all limericks, this one is humorous and quite silly. it touches on environmental issues, though, which gives it some substance.
i recommend this ebook to be viewed on one's PC than on the Kindle or other compatible eReaders if only to appreciate the colorful paper-cut illustrations. it also sounds better when read aloud.
my 8-year old nephew was giggling over the pictures especially the "poo" parts. what is it about children and "poo" that crackes them up so much? anyway...
after reading it twice, i asked him to read along by supplying the last word of every line. it was a fun activity and a great teaching tool for beginning readers like him. now he wants to take over my laptop!!!

*When Cows Fly is available as a free download from Amazon.  (certain charges, however, may apply depending on one's geographical location)

my personal rating is: 
for the story and 
for the pictures

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