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Saturday, July 9, 2011

David Nicholls: a character interview by Gerard de Marigny

The Watchman of Ephraim
Author Gerard de Marigny sits down with the indomitable David Nicholls from 

(For Readers: This article is scheduled to be published on July 09, 2011. Some of the storyline in _TWOE_ takes place just after that date, so I've written this Q&A from the perspective of the actual events in the storyline. In other words, the character David Nicholls is only able to answer things that he knows, up to 09 July, in the story. That should make it more fun for you to read! – Gerard de Marigny)

AOBibliophile™ leaves the following note: "Hi Gerard. Thanks for stopping by. I had to run an errand but I'd like you to get started with the interview, so, here's the intro. Gerard, if you would, please read it aloud and then you can begin, I'm taping it all, so no worries. I'll be back before you finish, Thx AO."

Gerard de Marigny: David, AO left a note saying we should get started. I'll read the intro.

David Nicholls: Not a problem old man, but I do hope she returns before we leave. I find her website … enticing!

GdeM: Did he say … 'she' … and 'her'? Whatever … Cris De Niro warned me that this old Brit is a little off his rocker!

[Gerard please read this intro aloud] Today, Author Gerard de Marigny is here chatting with one of the quirkiest characters in all of his 'The Watchman of Ephraim' series, the flamboyant and increasingly-famous David Nicholls. Thanks to both of you for stopping by aobiliosphere™!

GdeM: Thank you, AO; it's great to be here!

DN: Quirky?! I don't know if I like that. Now, flamboyant and increasingly-famous, I like! If I may add a few, how about charming, rich—

GdeM: David …

DN: Handsome, in a debonair Cary Grant sort of way—

GdeM: David …!

DN: Except of course Cary had that extraordinary TAN! I, on the other hand, burn so easily. My fair skin, you know. It's a British thing--

GdeM: DAVID! Cris told me that he talked to you about behaving here! <Pause

GdeM: Sorry, AO, TWOE's main character, Cris De Niro couldn't be here today. He sent David Nicholls in his place. David is a dear friend of Cris's. David, I know you don't like long interviews so just a few questions— 

DN: Dear friend indeed! I bloody gave the young man his first $35 million to invest—

GdeM: AND he quadrupled your investment, didn't he?

DN: Well, yes but—

GdeM: Let's get on with the interview, okay?

DN: Quite, quite. Fire away, dear boy!

GdeM: <Exhales audibly> So David, readers learn from _The Watchman of Ephraim_ that you were the first investor in Cris De Niro's hedge fund.

DN: Correct.

GdeM: How did you come to meet him – with your living in England and his living in the U.S.?

DN: Oh, we met through a mutual friend. Cristiano, that's his given name, was making quite a name for himself back then … the young wizard of Wall Street and all that … by the way … this mysterious AO … if she looks anything like her logo, I absolutely am in LOVE! All those flowers in her hair … or are they butterflies?

GdeM: David, please! Focus! So, your friendship with Cris De Niro formed, he made you quite a bit of money—"

DN: Cris De Niro made me more money in five years then I'd earned in my entire life. The man is a financial genius!

GdeM: … and then that day came … September 11, 2001 …

DN:  <Eyes welling with tears> … Indeed … that terrible day. <Pause>

GdeM: Could you share with us your memories of the morning of 9/11? You were supposed to meet with Cris De Niro that morning weren't you?

DN: <Clears throat> Yes. Cristiano and I were scheduled to meet for breakfast. It was a beautiful morning … absolutely beautiful in New York City that morning. His Executive Assistant, Maria, called to tell me that Cristiano couldn't make it. He'd decided to breakfast with his lovely wife … Lisa … <clears throat>
I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about that day anymore, except to say that the pain my friend felt when he saw the tower fall … with Lisa in it … <voice cracking> she was pregnant, you know … <a tear falls from his eye> my friend's pain could fill the whole world!
All those people … all that pain … <Pause>

GdeM: Let's move 10 years into the future, Cris De Niro decides to open The Watchman Agency. From my conversations with him, he told me that an epiphany of faith inspired him to do something positive, in order to deal with the pain and anguish from the death of his wife. So, he decides to acquire a counter-terrorism firm.  What do you know about The Watchman?

DN: Yes, Cristiano told me about the Agency he acquired. I'm very happy for him. He couldn't tell me too much though, about, you know,  the particulars … top secret operations … national security and all that.

GdeM: I understand. Last question – I understand you're planning to take a trip soon?

DN: <wipes his eyes and smiles> Yes, indeed! I'm quite looking forward to it. You see, Cristiano has invited me to weekend on his magnificent yacht, Santana. I'm flying to California to board her on 15 July. The only problem is that my friend Cristiano said he probably won't be able to join me on his wonderful vessel … although I'll be hounding him quite a bit. Hopefully, I can change his mind. Cristiano has no social life to talk about. I always do my best to try and change that. I'm very much looking forward to the trip!

GdeM: Well, if you do hook up with him, please tell Cris that I said Hi and that I'm working hard to finish the book.

DN: Of course, dear boy… Now, I need to find my darling AO. She must be here somewhere.
< Getting up and looking around>
AO! AO, where are you, my flowery-haired child? I know the most exquisite little eatery, not far from here. My limo is parked outside, so no need to change into your running shoes …

<As Nicholls exits the room AO enters>

GdeM: <rolling his eyes> Thank you very much, AO, for the opportunity to introduce myself and my debut thriller to you and your followers. 

AO: Thank you both … but … where's Mr. Nicholls? I thought I heard him calling my name?

GdeM: <stifling laughter> Yeah … he's looking for you alright … he thinks you look like your logo.

AO: But … my logo is an image of a woman … Mr. Nicholls does know … I'm male, doesn't he?

GdeM: <shakes head, laughing too hard to answer> Peace all!

Gerard de Marigny
Gerard de Marigny is author of the geopolitical thriller, The Watchman of Ephraim. he lives in the beautiful foothills surrounding Las Vegas, NV with his lovely wife Lisa and their four sons. when he's not writing he can be found spending time with his family or bending an arm with friends at the local pub.

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