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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the joys of writing: guest post by Laurie Bowler

Laurie Bowler
These days, it's truly an exciting time to be a writer, and I'm enjoying writing as much as I do and then seeing it published.

There are so many reasons why I enjoy writing. At first it was only a hobby and something I decided to do suddenly in November 2009, and now I have found myself developing further with the plots and characters that I create. 

Every day is a massive learning curve, reading reviews and hearing readers thoughts and feelings teaches me many different aspects that I could incorporate into my writing, and for this I am grateful. 

As well as the reasons to fulfill my enjoyment of writing, its my greatest pleasure when I see my name on the back of a printed version, and for those who have joined the technology changes and have an e-reader, to be able to have my name on the e-versions is just as fulfilling as the print version.
I’m writing more than I have ever written before, Golden Horizons is at the editors as we speak, this is the 3rd and much anticipated sequel to Nessy’s story (Moon Rising series), Volcan Knights has recently been published and so has a collaboration story titled Fangs Inc. 

Writing Volcan Knights has been exciting, providing a much needed different perspective to my writing career and steering away from the Vampire theme that my writing is popularly known by. They are a species all themselves, much research went into the story with the times and places, and much of my imagination as well, how else did I create a magnificent paranormal species?

Writing Golden Horizons was so much fun, finalizing Nessy’s feelings and her inner thoughts has brought the storyline to a different level that I hadn’t originally anticipated, but I am immensely pleased and I hope readers will be too!

I'm a huge fan of romance stories, and anyone who's read my works can testify to say that I incorporate romance into my stories in an interlude that’s lasting between the characters.

But all along, I've wanted to try my hand at other things as well, so I've written horror, fantasy and dark suspense which can be read later on in the year with the first called Hervidor, and so many more waiting to be edited before they are published.

My writing career has been a continued drive forwards, and if anyone told me in 2009 that I would create 25 stories by 2011, with 10 others waiting to be edited I would have said they were exaggerating just a tiny bit, but I have accomplished this and I am sincerely pleased with the progression of series that I have written.

What it all comes down to is that I love books! No matter what form they take. I love to read as much as I do to write.

I live and breathe stories, and whether you choose to read in print, on your phone, computer then I’m happy!

i would like to say thank you to Laurie Bowler for guest posting today and to you as well for stopping by. 
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