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Saturday, September 10, 2011

review: that day in September by Artie Van Why

"On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the U.S. is attacked by terrorists
in New York City and Washington, and the world changes forever." - www.september11news.com

That Day In September
Artie Van Why was in his office that day in September. little did he know that it was going to be a day that would change his life and the lives of countless others. it was also a day that would shock the global community.
i remember that day as well. even if i live oceans away from New York City, i witnessed the events on TV as i spoke to my Aunt on the phone. from her apartment in Boston, she immediately called us up when cameras from news agencies started rolling to broadcast the horror to every home. i was not there physically  but through modern technology, i saw the second plane hit the South Tower, stared wide-eyed at the explosion and could not keep my eyes off the TV screen until both buildings collapsed - in real time!
my mind replayed those scenes again as i read Artie's memoir. this time everything became more real to me as his words described in detail his harrowing experiences. i had goosebumps all over the second i read Artie's opening line. the tingling feeling left me whenever he backtracked and talked about his life before his move to the Big Apple and what it was like before the attacks. the goosebumps came back, however, as Artie continued to relate his feelings and actions during those fateful moments and what happened afterwards.
reading this book was difficult  for me. it was both intense and moving. Artie minces no words. he just simply tells it as it is and this honesty brought tears to my eyes. i cried for Artie, for the unsung heroes, for those whose lives where taken away and for those who survived.
after i was done reading and i turned off my e-reader, i said a prayer of thanks and healing for those who lived through the nightmare and asked for God's mercy and forgiveness for those who did not. 
it is a day short of 9/11's 10th anniversary and the period of mourning is far from over. the aftermath of 9/11 continues to haunt all of us.
evil had its chance. that day in September proved it. with God's help, may it never attempt to do so ever again. 

*That Day In September is available at Amazon (paperback, Kindle), Barnes and Noble and Lulu.com (paperback, ePub). for more information about Artie Van Why, please check out his Facebook and Goodreads pages.

my personal rating is:
That Day in September contains material not suitable for younger readers 12 & under.

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