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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11 Bewitching Book Tours review: farsighted by Emlyn Chand

There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn't there. - Thomas Hardy

Alex Kosmitoras was born blind. he has no friends but he still gets a lot of attention especially from Brady, the school bully. changes mark the beginning of the school term when a new girl from India moves into town and a psychic shop opens next door to Alex's Mom's flower shop. as for Alex, he starts hearing voices and experiencing scenarios that shake him up. it appears that he has been gifted or cursed with a second sight.
what  grabbed my attention from the get-go was how each chapter began with a rune and a corresponding prophecy. as i read further, i started seeing their relevance and how they made sense when i was done with the book.   i also liked how various types of relationships or connections were explored and laid out by the author and their impact on the characters. there is Alex's bond with his Mom and lack thereof with his Dad; his attraction to Simmi and dislike for Shapri; his newfound strength to confront Brady's bullying and Alex's bizaare link with Dax.
Alex is an admirable and brave sixteen year old. being sightless is not a big issue for him. he accepts his condition and lives with it. he may display some angst as any normal adolescent does but he never wallows in self pity. Simmi may come from a different culture but she does not feel out of place. she is confident and  has a very optimistic disposition. among the three friends, it is Shapri i like best. she is one feisty teen who sticks to her guns.
at times, the story gets dark and ominous but it is not totally bereft of light moments. a twist and a surprise revelation at the end were so unexpected. i could only consider it the work of a brilliant storyteller.
author Emlyn Chand has written an engrossing novel about teenagers with paranormal abilities that left me craving for more.  as i look forward to the second book,  i wonder what other surprises and twists are in store. i hope i get to find out soon so that i do not have to grope in the shadows for long.

*Farsighted is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble (NOOK book, paperback for pre-order) and Smashwords. for more information about Emlyn Chand and her work, please visit www.emlynchand.com

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