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Saturday, November 19, 2011

review: Mojo by Kris Sedersten

"They say that shadows of deceased ghosts, Do haunt the houses and the graves about, Of such whose life's lamp went untimely out, Delighting still in their forsaken hosts." - Joshua Sylvester

whether asleep or awake, Scottie Brown is haunted by malevolent spirits and apparitions. as the hauntings progress and turn life-threatening, he finally seeks help. together with his friends from high school and a medium, Scottie travels deep into the Louisiana countryside where his ancestors' plantation holds the answers. 
i seldom get goosebumps when reading horror stories but this book was another exception. from the get-go, i was caught up in the bizarre on-goings and i could not help but feel disturbed by how Scottie manages to deal with everything taking place around him. the line between the physical and spiritual realms is non-existent in his life. i could not imagine what it is like to be in Scottie's company. even people around him are not exempt from witnessing and experiencing what he does. that was what really creeped me out. 
there are unexpected twists and surprises along the way particularly towards the latter part of the book. despite the dark themes and hair-raising details, one specific revelation tugged at my heart. 
author Kris Sedersten's foray into the sphere of troubled souls, vengeful spirits,  psychic phenomena and dark family histories is downright chilling and creepy. this is a book that should never be read without the lights on,  without locking the doors and windows first, if there is a storm raging outside and especially not before bedtime.  
simply follow what i did not do myself and you will get through this page-turner just fine. 

*Mojo is available at Amazon (paperback, Kindle) and Barnes and Noble. for more information about Kris Sedersten and her work, please visit http://www.krissedersten.com/

my personal rating is: 

Mojo contains material not suitable for younger readers 17 & under.

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