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Sunday, January 15, 2012

01 Orangeberry Book Tours: having fun while saving money by Janiera Eldridge


Having Fun While Saving Money
by Janiera Eldridge


Having Fun While Saving Money
A book packed with ways for you to have fun with your family, friends or by yourself without spending a lot of money. It even gives you ways to have fun and make some money. There are no get rich quick schemes, just ways to have fun and earn rewards while doing it!You also will keep plenty of money in your wallet along the way!


Chapter 2: 
Having Fun Around The House

Sometimes you want to entertain yourself but you don’t even feel like leaving your house! Well, there is more entertainment in your house than you could ever imagine and there is no reason at all for you to be bored in your own home. When you don’t want to leave the house invite people over! 
Board Games- Make once a week game night with your family and/or friends. This activity costs no money at all (unless you want to buy a new board game every now and then). If friends are coming to your game night then assign a new person every week to bring snacks. If game night is with your family you only need to spend a few dollars (between $5 and $10) for a large bag of chips and a drink. A good game of Monopoly can last 3-4 hours (sometimes more in my house) so you do not have to worry about coming up with more entertainment for the night. It is also a fun and relaxing activity that allows for quality family time. 
Cooking- My mother often finds cooking relaxing and therapeutic at times so why can it not be entertaining as well?  When you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your home (or your kitchen) simply invite the girls over for a cooking party. Ask each woman you bring to the party to bring a roll of cookie dough (ask them to RSVP with what kind of cookie dough their bringing in advance. To help, post a list of different cookie dough’s you would like to see at the party.)  Having each women bring  a roll of cookie dough cuts down on your hosting expenses. Your contribution to the party (besides providing a place to have it at) could be a nice but inexpensive bottle of wine. 
If you’re hosting the party during a holiday season ask your guest to bring their favorite cookie cutters (for Halloween they may enjoy bringing their spooky ghost cookie cutters). Cooking something simple such as cookies is a great way to catch up on gossip with the girls without breaking the bank with an expensive dinner.
If you’re looking to have a good time with the children buy a roll or two of cookie dough (which is usually no more than $3 per roll) and a bag of cookie cutters( you can get funny shaped ones at your local Dollar General or Dollar Store). One of my favorite activities as a child was baking holiday cookies; there is never a sad moment when you’re doing that.
Another great activity for the family is making homemade pizza; this is another one of my fond memories as a child with my father. Buying the ingredients to make a pizza should cost no more than $20 or you’re spending way too much! Once you have your pizza ingredients (dough, cheese, sauce, etc.) let the kids take turns arranging the toppings on the pizza (make sure you keep an eye on them because pizza making can get very messy). When the pizza is done grab everyone a can of coke and your movie night meal is made! This activity is great whether you’re doing it by yourself or with someone else there is a sense of fun in arranging the pizza by yourself.

about the author

Janiera Eldridge
I'm 20 years old and not always sure where I want to go in life all I know is that I love to write! I've worked as a freelance writer for the past 2 years which mixes what I love to do with something I have to do, work! I write entertainment news when I'm not reading or studying at Entertainmentparadise.net. 
Even though my first book is non-fiction my next book will be fiction. There are a lot of crazy characters in my head just dying to get out! I'm a reading and movie addict and nothing makes me happier than a good book or movie (except for the love of my wonderful family). I'm currently pursuing a business management degree although my dreams to make a career writing will never fade.

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author Janiera Eldridge is holding a contest. anyone who purchases her book - only $0.99 - will be entered to win a prize pack. check out the details HERE

i would like to say thank you to Janiera Eldridge and Orangeberry Book Tours and to you as well for stopping by! 

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