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Saturday, March 3, 2012

36 Bewitching Blog Tours review: my boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis

"He who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king. Arthur, you're the one." - Merlin, from the 1981 film Excalibur

My Boyfriend Merlin
17-year old Arianna Morganna Brittany DuLac prefers to be called Ryan. yet the length of her name is the least of her worries. she gets thrust into a world of magic after a stone and sword mysteriously falls from the sky. Ryan also finds out that the guy she used to date is the wizard Merlin himself. 
author Priya Pradis resurrects a fragment of the Arthurian mythos, gives it a contemporary flavor and then some. there are secrets, a love triangle, gargoyles and treachery afoot in this urban fantasy. 
most of the characters are teenagers. i would not really classify them as typical adolescents. perhaps, it was the gravity of the task that loomed ahead that made them act more maturely and i liked how the author portrayed them as such. i also liked the idea of magic and technology working together at the wizard school. for example, instead of having wands, each student was given an iPad to use. this was really cool and interesting.  
the strange event that figured in the first couple of chapters certainly grabbed my attention and made me want to find out more. my interest waned a bit though in the middle part. this was where i could not help but compare Ryan's wizard school Avalon to Hogwarts. references to Harry Potter were even mentioned which i found amusing in some scenes and trite in others. to be fair, Avalon and Hogwarts are totally different from each other. it was just me suffering from some post-HP related melancholia. anyway, my interest was piqued once more especially in the last few chapters and i did not stop reading until i was done. 
overall, i enjoyed the book. it has been some time since i read anything about Merlin. i am glad that Ms. Pradis has re-introduced one of the most famous wizards of all time and has breathed new life into him. 
i hope that younger readers and up will embrace Merlin with gusto like i did. 

*My Boyfriend Merlin is available at Amazon (also on Amazon UK, DE), Barnes and Noble and iBookstore (also on iBookstore UK). for more information about Priya Ardis and her work, please visit  her website http://www.priyaardis.com/ and/or her blog http://merlinblogs.priyaardis.com/ and follow her on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook

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