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Saturday, March 17, 2012

41 Bewitching Book Tours review: perpetual light by Jordan K. Rose

Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly To be fearful of the night. - Sarah Williams

Perpetual Light
Lucia Dicomano has lived for hundreds of years but she has no clear memory of her past. she remembers only bits and pieces and becomes aware of a power within her that she still does not fully understand. however, one fact stands out. as a Pharo of Redemption, Lucia has failed to bring her husband Vittorio to the Light after he was turned into a vampire. how do you kill someone you love?
this is author Jordan K. Rose's debut novel. as a whole, i find it dark and complex and i mean that in a positive way. 
darkness and light are tangible forces that constantly outbid each other throughout the book. these battles heighten the burden that Lucia finds herself in. 
each chapter starts with Italian verses and a corresponding English translation. they are reflective of the chapters they introduce and i love the author for doing this. 
the characters are quite a conundrum for me and there is more to each than meets the eye. for one, i find it ironic that some of the vampires Lucia must kill and bring to The Light are also those who shelter and train her. 
i commiserate with Lucia and her being clueless. the author was very effective in getting this through the reader to the point that i was as irritated and impatient as Lucia in finding out what everyone knew about her and her past. even Lucia's parents were not a big help in clarifying things for her. 
Lucia's relationship with her husband Vittorio is also difficult to describe. when they reunite, their trust, love and passion for each other clash with fear and guilt. 
i felt lost now and then with what was going on but i was able to pick up on things as the story progressed. i guess, like Lucia, i needed to be more patient as well. 
however, there are still many gaps and issues that need to be filled and resolved and i hope there will be more answers in the next book. 
all in all, i found the story quite refreshing because of its unusual take on vampires coupled with the idea of slayers as divine agents of salvation. 
*Perpetual Light is available at Amazon (paperback, Kindle) and Barnes and Noble. for more information about Jordan K. Rose and her work, please visit http://www.jordankrose.com/ and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
my personal rating is:

Perpetual Light contains material not suitable for younger readers 17 and under. 

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