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Friday, March 16, 2012

guest post & give@way: Rhoe by Laura A.H. Elliott

meet RHOE, teen alien boy, from TRANSFER STUDENT, a freaky-Friday alien romance/adventure story
Transfer Student
TRANSFER STUDENT is the latest novel from Laura A. H. Elliott and will release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble March 20th. here’s a little bit about the novel with the first chapter written in RHOE’s POV. be sure to read to the end to enter to win the EBOOK GIVEAWAY and this week’s SWAG!
Two Worlds––Two Teens––One Wish
Geek Rhoe and Surfer Ashley would never be friends.

Even if they lived on the same planet.

But, they’ll become so much more.

They’ll transfer.
Earthling Ashley’s world revolves around winning daily popularity contests at Beverly Hills High School and surfing competitions with sweet scholarship prizes that will finally help her break free of her control-freak mother. Ashley never loses. Ashley never wishes on stars. But that changes when her senior class takes a field trip to the Griffith Observatory where Ashley’s conflicting feelings about her predatory best frenemy Tiffany, throws Ashley’s carefully-crafted Queen of B.H.H.S. title under the bus.
Meanwhile on planet Retha, Rhoe misses his dad, loves his mom’s home-cooked Glechy crag with a side of Ory sauce, is desperate to heal his sick brother and wants more than anything to win The Retha New Invention Competition. He and his best friend Yuke have worked for the past two years constructing the teleporting telescope Rhoe started building with his dad before an accident killed him. Rhoe’s never kissed a girl. Rhoe’s hero is the eccentric physicist, Ramay. But that changes when the telescope teleports Rhoe across the universe with an unintended side-effect. Ashley and Rhoe transfer––swap lives––when they make the same wish at the same time.
Popular-surfer-turned-boy-geek alien Ashley must handle life on Retha as Rhoe complete with webbed feet, low-gravity, and an obsession with Yuke, all the while being hunted by Rethan spies and resenting her hairy, flat chest. Boy-geek-turned-popular-surfer Rhoe must fit in at Beverly Hills High School as Ashley, compete in The Laguna Beach Invitational without becoming shark food, dodge boys’ affections, cool his preoccupation with Tiffany and his new body, on his quest to find the healing rocks he believes will save his brother’s life.
If only it were that simple. Some wishes can’t come true. Some have to. How far would you go for someone you love?

“Starjumping or lightbending or teleporting or transporting or whatever-you-call-it isn’t possible. We can’t starjump,” my best friend, Yuke, says on our walk home, flicking his hand to the sky.
I step off the trail into the Golden Terrace.
“We’re too old to believe in all that. You don’t want to be a quark your whole life, do you?” Yuke won’t let it go.
He kicks a rock out of the dirt and it floats over the field of tall golden grass, alive in the warm evening breeze. 
Yuke only cares about one thing lately–girls. Well, really just one girl, Xanny. Like she’d ever couple with him. 
“We fixed the aberration in the lens. You’ll see. Starlight will trigger the laser in the eyepiece, particulate us, convert us into starlight and teleport us across the universe. Only a few more calibrations left, ” I say, mouthing random snippets from my first-place acceptance speech as we walk. I thank Dad, first. 
Yuke swishes through the grass like I’m a newling he’d rather not be seen with. 
“The competition is still a few raylings away. We’ve got plenty of time. Ramay’s journal has all of the specifications. We’ll fix the lens, you’ll see. We’ll win. And when we do, Xanny will be right there to congratulate us. Get ready to starjump!” I hop and hang in the air, waiting for Yuke to do the same and slap my peds with his. How we always celebrate.
But Yuke just stretches his hands over his head and releases his catchers. Their tips dip into the long grass just as a thin breeze fills their ribbed membranes. Yuke flutters skyward with his signature flick-kick and flies across the Golden Terrace. He circles a gaic tree at the edge of the forest.
I release my catchers and fly right behind him. We land on a low branch together. I lean against the tree trunk, three times thicker than I am, shuddering as if a cold wind blew. But cold winds never blow on this side of Retha. The breezy night is like every other in our village, the scent of heath heavy in the air.
“Hey, the interior moons are rising over The Ridge of No Return.” I point east. My catchers retract as I point.
Yuke doesn’t look. He arches his back and stargazes overhead instead. Star totems woven into his braids tap-tap together. 
A star shines through the canopy of delicate gaic branches. Each twinkle stabs my hearts.
“What are you going to do with your half of our winnings?” I ask, filling the kind of silence that makes me say anything to cover it up. 
Yuke turns to me, and says, “Rhoe, we’ve been best friends since we first learned to catch the wind, right?”
      “Yup.” I smile.
      “I know you miss your dad.” 
      I nod. But when people talk to me about missing Dad, it usually means I don’t want to hear what comes after.
“And I tried, you know. I really tried to help you construct it, like he did. But, I’m…,” Yuke says, stopping short of telling me what I already know he’s going to say next.  
I dig my fingernails into the black bark of the gaic branch.
“Listen, I qualified for the Tri-Village Airboard Finals with Neron, Telek and Haran. I don’t have time for your quarkfest competition anymore,” Yuke says.
“You don’t know a thing about starjumping anyway!” I leap out of the tree and stumble before lowering my catchers. I fly between the trees, wincing every time a bare branch pokes my tight and tender catcher-skin. Each poke reminds me of Yuke and I calculating, side-by-side, at The Academy. How fake our friendship’s been. I bisect the Golden Terrace and land at its perimeter, far away from my ex-best friend who never believed in starjumping, after all.

A rush of wind swirls the grass beside me. Yuke plops down out of nowhere like it’s his first landing ever. “Give it up, Rhoe. Give up the experiment. You have to.” 
I walk-fly away from Yuke. The best I can do since I flew so hard so fast. My catchers can’t flutter.
“Rhoe, you don’t get it? After we starjump there has to be a way back.”
I double the distance between us. 
“Ramay never returned, did he?” Yuke yells in an I-told-you-so voice.
No force in the universe could ever make Yuke believe in the eccentric physicist’s invention or his theories the way I do. 
“I can’t be the best friend of the biggest quark on Retha anymore. I don’t want to get stuck on some planet quantum light rays away from home either. I’m an airboarder now.” 
Croaks of revilbugs spill into the Golden Terrace from deep within the gaic forest, mocking me. Quark-for-life, quark-for-life, quark-for-life, their croaks seem to say. 
Yuke hovers. “You’ve got to stop hanging out in your dad’s shed all the time. Think about what’s possible. Ask a girl out.” 
Moonlight shimmers across the blades of the Golden Terrace as Yuke flies over it and toward the horizon. He disappears where the gaic forest meets the purple shadows of The Ridge of No Return.

“Teleporting seems more possible,” I tell the stars, what Rethans become when they die. Dad told me they exist to light the starjumper’s way. Dad brightened the night sky two rays ago. Starjumping is the only way I’ll save my brother Ziggy from shining more light on the universe.

Starjumping and airboarding play a big part in TRANSFER STUDENT. Here are a few videos that inspired my writing of the airboarding scenes on planet RETHA.




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about the author

Laura A.H. Elliott
Laura loves writing about enchanted road trips, birthday gifts that are out of this world, and alien romance while eating lots of popcorn. she’s the author of Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale inspired by her life-long love of a little-known town, Avenal, CA, and her equal love of enchanted teenage road trips. 13 on Halloween is the first book in the Teen Halloween Series. 14 on Halloween, book 2 in the Teen Halloween series, will be released in the summer of 2012. her new release, TRANSFER STUDENT will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble March 20th.

to find out where in the world Laura is and more about her upcoming books, visit her blog Laurasmagicday and friend her on Facebook. if Twitter is your thing she's @Laurawriting. or, drop her a line at elliwrite [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Laura is a plume-carrying member of THE PARANORMAL PLUME SOCIETY, and is also a member of The YA INDIE CARNIVAL & THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST YA AUTHORS as well as a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

i would like to say thank you to author Laura A.H. Elliott for guest posting today and for being so gracious with her giveaways! thanks to you as well for stopping by!

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