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Friday, April 13, 2012

01 Novel Publicity: Nuncio & the Gypsy Girl by Kristin Alexandre & illustrated by Thomas Loepp

Nuncio & the Gypsy Girl
by Kristin Kuhns Alexandre
illustrated by Thomas Loepp


Nuncio & the Gypsy Girl
Intense, passionate, and thrilling Nuncio is a romantic thriller series for anyone wanting a good read (or even perhaps a good television series). Come on this journey filled with drama and mystery. Nuncio is a romantic thriller based on the intense and passionate relationship between Ezra, a composer and the insightful and lustful gypsy girl Neci. This graphic novel series is narrated by the magical African Grey Parrot, Nuncio and takes place at the turn of the Century.
Neci, the young and willful gypsy, is willing to risk everything to fulfill her need to be with Ezra, the object of her affection. She feels a calling to protect Ezra from his love, Marlene, a beautiful pianist. We hear her mental wanderings and feel her pain as she struggles to make a place for herself in his world. She feels no connection to girls her own age and Ezra struggles to resist her allure. This drama and romantic thriller is based on real people and real events that take place between 1912-1960. Ezra interacts with Orville Wright, Charles Kettering and Elbert Hubbard, celebrities from the day.
book trailer:

about the author:

Krisitn Alexandre
author Kristin Kuhns Alexandre is a fifth generation Daytonian whose father, grandfather and uncle all worked for the family pipe fitting company. like many young people in the Midwest, Kristin yearned to abandon her roots and move east.
Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age is the first in a series of three graphic novels. “Neci Stans is an upwardly mobile gypsy but her story is really my story as well,” the author explains. “My friends and I all yearned to move away to a more glamorous life. And many of us did that and discovered that Dayton is not so bad after all.”
Kristin worked as a publicist, news reporter and talk show host in New York City and is the author of two relationship books: “Find a Great Guy: Now and Forever” and “The Perfect Gentleman: the Secrets Rich Girls Use to Choose the Classiest Guys”. Kirkus Reviews gave this book a glowing review: 
Neci and her story are being developed into a television pilot and you may also follow Kristin’s Twitter, and her website. 
Kristin resides in Delray Beach, Florida with her husband, two children, two dogs and two cats.

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