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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

53 Bewitching Book Tours guest post: writing & Ambition by Marc Renson

I started writing when I was in Kindergarten but it wasn't until 27 years later when I owned my own business at the age of 32 that the idea of writing a book about my customers and the crazy things they do popped into my head.
I have a wonderful family and they have read every draft of my book. People who want to write think that a book is written and that's it. Until they do write one and realize holy crap! They have to write and rewrite their story hundreds of times before the final version is complete.
I started collecting notes in 2002 about things customers said, did and stole out of my restaurant. Collected them until 2005 and then finally said, if I'm really gonna do this, I need to start putting all of this down on paper. So my partner and I booked a flight to Orlando, Fl. I sat poolside at the Marriott with my laptop and for 5 days put all of those notes into the very first draft of, Is The Coffee Fresh? Only to finally finish writing it officially in August of 2011 when I was hired by Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper to cook for him while he filmed a movie in Schenectady, NY where my restaurant Ambition is.
Nothing distracted me from my goal except me. I often had to put it down and walk away as most authors to. We get to personally attached and we start to lose focus and start writing in circles. And that is when it's best to walk away for a week or month when we're not so personally attached and start fresh again. I always knew this would be a published book. And I didn't stop until it was!
Is The Coffee Fresh?
I own a restaurant in upstate NY called Ambition Coffee & Eatery, Inc. Ambition is in an urban downtown city where we daily see a lot of unbalanced (over, under or self medicated) customers who stop short of nothing but outrageous behavior. Hookers, pimps, drunks and drugs they make for a very colorful story. These people are the inspiration for my book. I took the negative and turned it positive and now I'm having the last laugh (well actually the reader is) but all the pain I suffered enduring the insanity of these people has and is paying off.

A local artist painted the outside of Ambition several years ago. I purchased the painting and it's hanging in Ambition. When the editor told me they designed a cover but it didn't make sense unless you read the book first, I panicked. I meditated and the next day I got the idea to send them a picture of this painting, I got permission from the artist and the rest feel right into place.

My next project is never ending. I have since went on to fed another Hollywood star George Hamilton. As owner/chef/author of Ambition everyday is a project and everyday I get to reinvent myself and create a better story for my next book, that has yet to be penned. It is going to be more holistic then the first. I'm going to incorporate more deeply my journey of positive thinking and creating our own destiny through our thoughts. Stumbles and roadblocks are a part of everyone's journey but we need to continue on even when everyone else thinks you should quit.

My life is not typical, it's anything but typical. I'm living my dreams. Everyday is a new journey and everyday I get to create my new life, start fresh and change what I didn't like from the past and make better what I feel is great. Creativity plays a major part of my life everyday. If I'm not creating something wether it be a new soup or sandwich or a new menu or being able to create a new friendship and help someone help themselves. That is a reward. And how can that be typical.

The hardest thing of being an author is letting go of fear. Fear of criticism mostly. How am I going to be received? Are people going to like me? Are they going to criticize my book?

I hear from my readers everyday. They read my book then they come in Ambition to meet me and tell me how much they enjoyed and laughed at my story. Everyday I hear someone say, I read your book and loved it! I also hear from readers on Facebook and other social medias.

Authors who inspire me are Patricia Cornwell, Victoria Laurie, Paul Young, Patricia Wood and Greg Reid.

In my own TBR pile are books given to me to read. The books I purchase I keep forever because I was attracted to that particular book for a reason by the law of attrction. I couldn't stand reading Wicked even though it has gone on to being a huge NY Times Best Seller and a Broadway smash but I also rented it from the public library. Again, if I'm suppose to have a book it finds me and we live happily ever after!   



click HERE to read more about chef/author Marc Renson's book Is The Coffee Fresh?

i would like to say thank you to chef/author Marc Renson for guest posting today and to you as well for stopping by! 

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