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Friday, April 6, 2012

guest post: the story behind she speaks to angels by Ami Blackwelder

How Did I Write A YA Angel Thriller?
She Speaks to Angels
I have always been fascinated by angels, from stories on television, to the Bible and other books, angels have been around for a long time . I’ve read a few angel stories too. But none of them have been what I wanted. None of them were as good as I thought they’d be. Most angel stories follow the cliche of a so-called ‘fallen angel’ whose storyline rips of scenes from the Bible.
I wanted something different, something mysterious. I enjoy reading and writing YA and I also enjoy mysteries and thrillers. So, I decided to combine all three elements. YA. Angels. Thrillers. But how?
The Angel Angle:
I didn’t want the typical angel-boy falls for human girl and they live off their undying, forbidden love story. So, that is how my characters Dameon, Kian, Nathaniel, and Krysta were born. I wanted to keep the reader guessing as to who is the angel and who the main character Ali Maney will actually love. A certain level of unpredictability. 
The YA Angle:
I wanted to tell a story a YA audience would enjoy and so wrote the story in first person. Ali Maney is the main character and we follow the story with her. A typical teenager at Millennium High School in NY,  the reader will be able to relate to her down-to-Earth personality. Her curiosity; however, is what draws her into this world of angels. 
The Thriller Angle: 
To have a thriller you have to have bad guys. So, naturally I picked the demons. Demons in my book can be various forms of fallen angels. Some demons are just angels that have fallen, but many of the demons are Were demons and fanged demons. Angels and demons have rules to follow and when they don’t they lose their angel wings, their angel gifts and powers...in their place are fangs or Were hair or simply having no power. 
To add to this thrill, the main character and the readers do not know who to trust until by the middle of the book. This keeps the reader on their toes. 
The Mystery Angle:
There is a suicide very early on, in the first chapter. This is the ongoing mystery through-out the novel until Ali Maney closes in on who the demons really are. This also invites a bit of thrill, and also keeps the intrigue going. 
I think this is a story many YA will love, and in fact many adults will enjoy as well. 
The novel is live today April 6th on Kindle exclusively.

click HERE for more information about Ami Blackwelder and her book She Speaks To Angels

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