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Monday, April 2, 2012

review: pimp ur blog episode one - boost search results with social bookmarking by Paul Rice & Messie Jessie

If you align yourself with serving the highest good of all, you’ll receive plenty of help along the way, and best of all, you’ll deserve it. - Steve Pavlina, How to Build a High Traffic Website or Blog

Pimp Ur Blog Episode One
based on their personal experiences, authors Paul Rice and Messie Jessie present to the reader how social bookmarking has significantly raised their respective blogs' visibility and position in Goggle search results. 
this first episode is divided into five parts. the first one describes both Paul and Messie Jessie's journeys as a writer and blogger. the next part deals with technical details about IMAutomator. this is a paid software which Paul used to make submissions of his articles, posts and video URLs to social bookmarking sites. a case study of one of Messie Jessie's blog posts is shown next, followed by a detailed presentation of Paul's measurement efforts. the last section deals with each author sharing their best practices. 
their position on social bookmarking is well supported by screenshots, hpyerlinks, graphs, spreadsheets and other data. relevant information is presented in a language that is simple and easy to understand.
i think this book and its future episodes would appeal to both amateur and seasoned bloggers and authors who wish to increase their traffic and/or sales. 
experimenting with and implementing what Paul and Messie Jessie did could be well worth a try. 
*Pimp ur Blog - Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking is available at Amazon and Smashwords. for more information about the authors, please visit Paul Rice at http://pimpurblog.com/ and  Messie Jessie at CrazyKindaLife.wordpress.com
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