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Saturday, May 5, 2012

31 days of secrets: secret #5

 31 days of secrets . . .  
to gear up for the latest print release from Morrigan Books, author Carole Lanham is sharing 31 Secrets in 31 days from her award-winning short story collection The Whisper Jar
on May 31, 2012, The Whisper Jar will be available for purchase in paperback, and this is one secret Carole hopes you will whisper far and wide.  in the meantime, if you  would like to read the book before the end of the month, please pick up your copy of the ebook today at Amazon.

secret number 5  
I sprawled on the floor of the barn, my eyes so blurry hot, the constellations outside the wagon door melted until the whole night sky turned white.  My pants were wet and I would have shivered, if only I'd had the vim for it.  Etta was looking more chipper than in all her sickly fourteen years.  Like the sky, she melted to white too, a white so bright I could hardly look at her.  Or maybe that wasn't the reason.
She whipped her arm across her mouth, bloodying her sleeve. “Thanks, little brother,” she said.  “You go on and sleep out here tonight and by morning you'll be right as rain.”
I wasn't though.  I wasn’t ever right again.
-  The Good Part

"Carole Lanham is made entirely out of awesome. The Whisper Jar is packed to the lid with dark magic and whimsy, while bearing an ominously old-fashioned touch that might make Edward Gorey feel right at home. It deserves to be ranked as a modern classic." 
- Brian Hodge, author of Mad Dogs and Picking The Bones

to follow the trail of secrets, please visit:
the trail of secrets . . .   

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