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Saturday, July 21, 2012

read along: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (Parts V & VI)

this is the third post for the read along of Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina which is hosted by Stephanie over at Five Alarm Book Reviews
for this post and the remaining one next week before the final review, i will be answering the discussion questions instead. 
check out the first post HERE and click HERE for the second post.
advisory: spoiler alert!
general information: Anna Karenina by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy; translated by Constance Garnett
source: Project Gutenberg/Manybooks.net/Amazon
coverage: Part V (chapters 1-32) and Part VI (chapters 1-32)
my thoughts:
Discuss the way Kitty and Levin fight.  How is their way of communicating different from the way Anna and Vronsky or Stiva and Dolly disagree?
  • youthful idealism gives way to reality as Levin and Kitty get to know each other more. their fights are petty and  often irrational but both take time to discuss honestly and openly how they feel which always leads to a settlement and reconciliation in the end. whenever Anna and Vronsky or Stiva and Dolly get into an argument, it is highly emotional, intense and there are still, more often than not, loose ends to tie up. 
What did you think when Anna and Vronsky took off to live together?  Now that they have, what do you think of them as a couple?
  • Anna and Vronsky's European sojourn was part of what i would refer to as "the honeymoon stage" of their relationship. finally, they were able to escape from the condemning eyes of their peers back in Russia and pursue what they wanted to do as a couple. 
  • Anna wants Vronsky all to herself. although Vronsky appears to love her as well, he still wants his independence. 
The more you learn of Anna as a mother, what are your thoughts? What do you think about her attitude towards the baby, and how do you feel about her feelings toward her son?
  • Anna is obviously devoted to Seryozha and adores him but... the scene where she surprises him on his birthday was poignant but... her love for her first-born was very evident but... that is quite a lot of "buts" because there is more to Anna being a mother than meets the eye.  
  • unfortunately, Anna's attitude to her second child is far from maternal. i was shocked with how little she had contact with Annie. Anna would rather read or take up other activities than raise Vronsky's baby. 
What do you think of Dolly visiting Anna at Vronsky’s estate.  What do you think that the two woman got out of the visit?
  • whether it was appropriate to do so or not, Dolly defied convention and went out of her way to see Anna. her thoughts during the trip and on her way  back home was a study in contrast. i felt sorry for Dolly. she was an aristocrat but she felt so awkward around the extravagance at Vronsky's estate. she was even ashamed of how poorly dressed she was compared to Anna's help. 
  • Anna was pleased to see Dolly and i think she was victorious about her sister-in-law's visit. despite her status as a fallen woman, she still had that power over some of her relations which she could yield to win them over to her side. 
  • Dolly's visit proved that she was good, kindhearted and an understanding person. it also opened her eyes and made her count her blessings despite her lack of material possessions and Stiva's excesses.
Do you think that Anna has ever put anyone before herself in this story?
  • so far i have not seen any evidence to prove otherwise. in the end, it is "all about me" with Anna Arkadyevna Karenina. 

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