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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

guest post & international give@way: Behind the Story of The Life We Dream by J.H. Glaze

The Life We Dream is a touching story of one man’s journey to visit a love from his past before she succumbs to cancer. It is longer than the average short story at 80 pages in length and shorter than the average novella, but it is complete in the story that I set out to compose. The idea for the story began before writing the third horror novel of The Paranormal Adventures of John Hazard series.

One day I was having a conversation with my wife, Susan, about my books and the demographics of my reader base. Though my stories have been read, reviewed and widely praised by both men and women, I came to understand that most of my readers were women. Of those women, it appeared that many of them had a deep appreciation for the romance genre and my novels were far from being the normal read for them. In fact one of the common statements in reviews had been, “This is not the type of book I would normally read, but…” With this in mind I casually mentioned to Susan that maybe I should try to write a romantic novel or novelette.

She loved the idea. Each time I would finish any story she would ask me again, “So when are you going to write the romance story?” After many times of answering the question with, “I’ll start it soon.” I finally did begin writing. I was stumped. How does a horror author write romance? After thinking about it for a while and wrangling with several concepts, I decided to write a story that was close to my own heart, my story. I couldn’t write it in a completely factual context, but I felt that perhaps I could weave in some of my own experiences and it might be easier to write. It was.

So when you read The Life We Dream, know that some of the things Jack remembers are my own memories, and some of them are completely fictitious. It will add a different layer of complexity to the emotions of both my characters and the story.

When we celebrated the release of the novella, Susan recorded a video, which she posted on Facebook. In that video, she told the attendees that, for her, it was kind of embarrassing to have segments of our lives out there for the world to read. She also shared just one of the items that was a real event from our life.

You see, Susan and I met in the first grade and though we never dated, we were good friends and I had strong feelings for her. I never quite accepted that we couldn’t ever be together. In the summer of 2002 after more than 25 years apart and living separate lives with no contact between us, we were married at the base of a waterfall in Tennessee.

How our lives together came to be is yet another story that begs to be told. It is proof to me that regardless of what life may bring our way, it is possible to live The Life We Dream
- JH Glaze

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Kathy Eccleston said...

Can't wait to read this book!!

Kathy Eccleston said...

Oops...by this book I meant "The Life We Dream"

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