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Monday, April 15, 2013

aobibliospotlight: Passion by Kevin Swarbrick

by Kevin Swarbrick

book description:

This book is based on the story Louie Has Landed ‘The Early Days’ and Louie Has Landed ’The Second Encounter.’ I was asked if I could I make these two stories into one complete novel, a task I didn’t think was possible, until now.

Passion is based on a true story with all the ins and outs of what happens when people find themselves caught up in a love triangle, and before you know it, you're caught up in an affair. Some people go into affairs without knowing and others go in knowing that the other person is married. Some do it because they seek the attention, and some just do it for the fun and the fun of not getting caught. Sometimes the person having the affair is confused. Perhaps, it could be that two people have just fallen for each other and don’t know how to pull away because of the chemistry and the passion and sometimes love that’s involved.

Whatever the reason, affairs do happen every day with people that you wouldn’t think twice about, are doing it. With society the way it is today, it seems to be a case of, ‘if you get bored then you have an affair’, but can an affair work out?

Love is truly the greatest thing. ’It really is’, but it crosses the same lay line as hate. Sometimes this can be balanced out, but if you can’t find that balance well… we live and learn and this is an amazing thing we humans can do.

My life has been what some may describe as, an ‘eye opener.’ I have met some lovely women and some crazy women, but of all the women, there was one woman that was a dream come true for me.

My story tells of the secret behind closed doors. Deliciously scandalous some would say. This is your chance to see love through a man’s perspective and share the wild intimate times along with the crazy fun times.

Sometimes your mind can wonder as mine did and out came all the insecurities that lie deep behind the surface. With a great dialog comes real life with warts and all…

The time was getting closer to my birthday and our bond to was getting stronger and everything was going great for us. I even started doing raps in text messages to Sarah and lovely poems! She said I had a talent and that I should follow it up! 
So I started to write my life story, as it is very interesting and very sad at the same time. I would write a few pages before I would see her so that Sarah had something to read when she was at mine! Don’t get me wrong; as you have guessed by reading this that it wasn’t a case of sitting in my room reading! Far from it!
When we were together, all we had was fun times and I don’t mean just having sex. All the chemistry and attraction was there! Everything about Sarah was perfect. Ok, the situation wasn’t, but still maybe one day it would be. She was so different from any other woman I had ever met! We could be ourselves as we had no one to impress but each other, and so far we past all that.
I still had the sad feeling of Sarah going back to Glasgow and other things going on in my mind, but I wasn’t going to let that mess things up! 
It was a few weeks before my birthday, and we went for a drive as we often did. Then at night, on this occasion, we went to the club together all dressed up and looking the part!
Once in there I could see the women and the men looking at us. Like I said, we both looked amazing. I saw Jill in there along with a few others I knew, sitting around Jill’s table. We got our drinks then moved towards the dance floor. “There’s Jill over there, should we go over and say hello?” 
“I don’t really know her, Mark, can we just have a dance and a drink and go over later?” 
“That’s fine, beautiful, we can do whatever you want but just as long as I say hello later, then I am happy with that.” 
Sarah knew that Jill and I are good friends, and in my eyes no one could break such a good friendship up. I knew that Sarah didn’t like this, but in all fairness Sarah had all the texts from guys going on all the time asking to meet up.
“So how’s Louie today? He was texting Daisy and Maisy before, you know?”
“I thought that he might have been! Every time I put my phone in my pocket, he’s the first to start texting them! I hope he hasn’t said bad things to them!” 
“No, far from it!  They told me what he text! He really is rude, but I like him a lot so there’s not a problem with me, I think he wants Maisy but she’s not into it, but maybe one day she will be.”
“Well, I think he would enjoy that very much.”
“I’m sure he will.”
There’s no sure about it, I know he will! So what has he been texting, anyway?”
“I will show you.” Just then Sarah reached into her bag and pulled her Phone out.
“Wow, I've got seven texts and five missed calls, three of them were from Ann and four texts from Dave.  God, I can’t believe there are texts from the gardener too!”
“What do they want?”
“Asking to meet me. They just don’t listen at all!”
“Can't  you just tell them to sod off?”
“I can’t do that Mark, it’s not in my nature.” 
“Ok then, can't you just tell them that you are with someone?” 
“I have told them before, but they won’t stop texting me!” 
“If you want, let me ring them and tell them to sod off.” 
“I will handle it Mark, you don’t have anything to worry about because I am with you and I have never been so happy in all my life, and that’s the truth.  I can just be normal with you and have so much fun. You are a great guy, and I have never met anyone like you before, you’re nuts but in a good way.”
“Yes, but it isn’t nice getting all these texts from exes all the time, all they want to do is meet up for sex.” 
“No not all do, I have known Ste for years, we are really good mates, I get advice from him now and again.”
“Advice about what?”
“Really, there’s no need to worry about Ste, he knows the family and he is a solicitor and married.”
“I’m not worried, you’re here with me and what more could any guy want?”
In the back of my mind though, I was worried. I knew that just because a person is married does it stop a bloke or a woman for that matter? I had to ask the question that any woman or man starts asking when the feelings are there.”
“Have you ever slept with him? Honestly? Have you slept with this Ste?” 
Sarah looked at me with a smile and said, “I have yes, but it was years ago! He is a really good friend just like Jill is to you! I can see her looking over now at us. She has really got the hots for you!” 
I turned my head to see if Jill was looking and all I could see was Jill and Norma chatting to others around their table, not even flickering an eyelid in our direction.
“I want to go over here, where we’re out of the way.” 
“You're being silly, Hun, there’s no one looking at us!” 
Just then her attitude totally changed from being all nice into getting all paranoid about Jill! I thought the best thing to do was go outside to the smoker’s area, so we did and we talked for a while…….
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I am pleased to say that 'Passion' is now available on Amazon Kindle and will be in paperback very soon :)

where to purchase the book:

about the author:

Kevin Swarbrick
I am a new self-published Author and in January 2012, I self-published Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days' and in February 2012, Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter' was born for others to enjoy the good times and the bad times which relationships can bring. When I first started to write these stories, they were meant to be as one full story, but unfortunately the heart just kept writing and by the time I had finished I had to make the story into two books because of the maximum word count that was allowed to upload at the time. I had only gone over by 16.900 words, 'Oh dear' I then had to go back to the drawing board to make them into two great stories.

My stories that I do write are based on true life experiences, which range from many things, being bullied at school at a young age, family break ups, romance, affairs, erotic times, destruction and so much more including that magic word love!

There's been a lot of pain in my life, and also a lot of great times, but unfortunately the bad times outweighed the good times. I decided to change all that, and I put all my thoughts and energy into writing.

I am delighted to say that I did take the bull by the horns again, and I now bring you the full story in one fantastic novel. Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days' and Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter’ has risen to bring you 'Passion' and anyone who reads it will see there is plenty of that in this fantastic story, but all in a good way of course.

My main focus has been on the dialogue and keeping the story flowing at a much faster pace and getting everything as perfect as it should be. I have surprised myself with how far I have come and how much I have learned and improved dramatically along the way.

Sometimes in your life you may think that the world has ended, and your life couldn't get much worse and all you want to do is give up. I want others to be inspired and to see that no matter what background you have come from, or how hard life gets, you can pick yourself up and follow your dreams.

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