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Thursday, June 6, 2013

guest post & give@way: The Houses of Opposites by T.M. Smith

Let me start by saying thank you to aobibliophile™ for hosting me today! I’m going to fill you all in on ‘The Houses’ of Opposites. I’m long winded and it’s a long explanation so, grab a bottle, hunker down and pray for daylight!

Opposites has been over a year in the making, and I did a lot of research along the way to set the backdrop for my world. The core of my research was setting up the different Houses that you’ll read about throughout the series. 

The concept of having “Houses” was three fold. First, why Houses? Well, I’m a huge dystopian and sci-fi fan so it is a given that one of my favorite books/movies is Dune. I always liked that people were referred to by their house. Also, with so many different characters in my book there is bound to be confusion already, so last names weren’t something I wanted to add to the mix. Therefore all my characters have a first name and a house. 

Second, why seven houses. Stay with me here, this one gets a little scattered. In Numerology, the essence of the 7 symbolizes our struggle, as humans, to know and understand. There is also a religious aspect being ‘God created the earth in six days, on the seventh, He rested.’  There are seven Archangels.  Lucky number seven. 

Third, names and locations of houses. Nearly three hundred years in the future our planet has evolved. After GWI (Global Warming Ignition) over ninety percent of the planet is now covered in water, so my objective was to seek out and find the highest points of elevation around the globe. I concentrated on the seven different locations, spread out, and came up with the Colorado mountains, the Himalayas (using the Asian and Indian points) , Mount Olympus in Greece, Australia, Scotland and Brazil. 

House Gaeland 
United States (location - Colorado Mountains
Cultural makeup: USA, Canada, Alaska and surrounding areas
  • Of course we would survive! We have some vast mountain ranges in the US but I’ve always been fascinated with the ones in Colorado. It’s at an extremely high elevation as well so it was perfect. The name of our house in the US was really just a play on words. Since the society Dr. Smith created after GWI is an entirely gay/lesbian society I came up with Gaeland, but it flows as one word. So you don’t say gay land, you say Gaeland. Everyone needs a little humor, right?
House Devi
India (locationHimalayan Mountains' point in India)
Cultural makeup: Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Africa and surrounding areas
specific location: HM/India 3rd highest elevation, Mount Devi
  • The core of my story is the twins, Aiya and Aiyan, and their loves. I knew I wanted either a native American, Egyptian or Asian person to be matched with Aiyan from the start. Searching for this person brought me to actor/model Imran Abbas and he was everything I wanted for Aiyan. Imran is a Pakistan born actor so therefore, India, we have house number two! Again it came back to elevation and I landed on Mount Devi so I decided this would be House Devi. 
House 人之初 Ren Zhi Chu
China (location: Himalayan Mountains point in Asia)
Cultural makeup: China, Japan, Tibet, Russia, Thailand and surrounding areas 
specific location: HM/Tibet highest elevation on the planet. Rén Zhī Chū is translated as “New Beginnings”
  • Yeah, you know that China is too damn mean to be wiped out. And, since the highest point of elevation on planet Earth is in the Himalayas, specifically Tibet, that sealed the deal for China being a house. Deciding to do something a little different I looked up the meaning of words in Asian and came up with Ren Zhi Chu which means ‘ New Beginnings’ and named this house.
House Orion 
Greece (location: Mount Olympus)
Cultural makeupGreece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and surrounding areas
  • Who doesn't want Greek gods in their book?! I wish I could say I put more thought into this house, but that’s the jest of it. Of course it would be Mount Olympus and when thinking of Greek culture, the first symbol I thought of was Orion. 
House Gilley
Scotland (location: Ben Nevis)
Cultural makeup: Scotland, Ireland, Finland, France, UK and surrounding areas
  • Even though my ruling house is House Gaeland I am fascinated with Irish, Scottish, Gaelic cultures. You will see a lot of these cultural references in the book. Cirian is Scottish and since he’s one of the twin’s fathers, he brings that aspect to Gaeland. My grandmother was half Irish and her maiden name was Gilley, so I named this house after her.
House Uluru
Australia (location: Mount Kosciuszko)
Cultural makeup: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Indonesia and surrounding areas
  • I don’t know what they feed the men in Australia, but goddamn! Since I was writing a majorly M/M book it was only fitting that said hot men be included. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain range in Australia, and Uluru more commonly known as Ayer’s Rock, is a national landmark. 
House Brasilia
Brazil (location: Pico da Neblina)
Cultural makeup: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Columbia and the surrounding areas
specific location: highest mountain range in the Amazon
  • I couldn’t destroy the Amazon! Pico da Neblina is the highest mountain range in Brazil, and Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the world of Opposites. Go grab your copy today!

Thanks again AO for hosting me. 

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