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Sunday, August 4, 2013

aobibliospotlight™: Poseidon (The God Chronicles Volune 2) by Kamery Solomon

The God Chronicles Volume 2
by Kamery Solomon
book description:

Emma has everything she's ever wanted. When it all gets torn away in a tragic accident, she begins to spiral out of control. How can she get back to where she was after everything that happened? Thankfully, Sy steps in to save her-literally. Over time, strong feelings begin to battle within her, feelings she does not want to have. Will she be able to let go of her past in order to secure her future?

The storm beat against the tiny fishing boat, pushing men to their knees. Wind whipped the sails in every direction. Water poured over the sides and took the sailors to their deaths. The machinery on board swung around uncontrolled, with no one to call them to order. 
I commanded the din of course—he was here, on the ship. It was easy to board in the chaos without anyone noticing. 
Fury and hatred crashed within me, like the waves of the sea, driving me forward to the murderer hidden below deck. 
Many lifetimes had passed since Odysseus killed my son and I’d failed in returning the favor. He’d made it back home to his wife and his journey became legend. 
He didn’t deserve such praise. 
Eventually he died and came back a reincarnation of sorts. I didn’t know how, or what God had deemed to torment me with him, only that he was back. 
I killed him, along with every other reincarnation that tried to sneak past me.
Amphitrite, the sea, had whispered to me when he was close this time. She was like a siren, using her powers to call me to arms again, to take down the murderer. I had more than death planned this time though.
I walked, sure footed, across the deck, while the swell picked the crew away like the mighty Kraken. Their screams were lost to me, last utterances of terror and prayers to other Gods. It was unfortunate that they served as accessories to one man’s demise, but they simply didn’t matter to me in that moment. 
Using my foot, I bashed the cabin door in, sending shrapnel every direction. 
The coward was huddling in a corner, praying for his life. 
“No one’s listening,” I said smoothly, pulling the knife from my belt. 
“What?” He looked at me in confusion and fear, water dripping off the hood of his rain jacket and into his eyes.
With victory so close, I triumphantly pulled a small glass vile from the pocket of the pants I wore and squatted down in front of him. 
“This is water from Mnemosyne’s well,” I began. 
“The Titan Goddess of memory?” He looked at me skeptically, apparently having forgotten the storm outside in his panic. 
“I see you found a brain this time,” I said smoothly. “Yes, memories. She was quite mad when she discovered I’d taken some, said something about making me pay or regret it, blah, blah, blah. This will be worth whatever she throws at me." 
My arm shot forward, grabbing the man’s jaw and forcing it open. His hands clawed at mine, a scream tearing from his throat, as I shoved the entire bottle into his mouth and forced it closed. Blood spilled from his lips as the sharp shards pierced into his skin.
I released him, shoving him down to the ground, and waited. It didn’t take very long for the magic to do its job. 
“Poseidon.” Recognition finally flickered in his eyes as the storm raged around us. Calm overtook the fear on his face and he relaxed. “Haven’t we done this enough yet? How many more times must I die before you forgive me?” 
“I will never forgive you,” I snarled. 
The blade ripped across his throat easily. It was only a few moments more before he lay lifeless on the floor in front of me. After I tossed him into the near typhoon around me, I smiled to myself bitterly.   
They’d never find the body. They’d be lucky if they found the boat. 
where to purchase the book:
Amazon US| Amazon UK
about the author:

Kamery Solomon
Kamery didn’t grow up thinking that she would be an author. she loved to sing and act! she dreamed of the day that she would perform on Broadway. she also loved books and had an active imagination. she could come up with a story in no time and tell it to her friends. over time, she realized that she could follow both dreams. now Kamery writes when she can, weaving tales in every direction imaginable. when she’s not working on her latest manuscript, she is at school finishing up her degree. Kamery loves learning and getting to do both of the things that she loves!
currently, Kamery lives in the hot, valley desert of Arizona with her handsome husband and beautiful daughter. they are her whole world!
it’s fun for Kamery to be so close to family and friends. if it weren’t for them, none of her stories would have ever made it on to paper.

follow her on the web:


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