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Monday, April 27, 2015

review: Drams by J.A. Morgan

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill
Gilgamesh lives with his sister in a "sad yellowing trailer with the broken door jamb." his childhood pal and now boyfriend Trap stays with them as well. the violent death of their friend Angelo Ramirez or RC at the hands of a police officer affects Gilgamesh profoundly that he begins to see and hear strange horrifying things. one day, when he makes a decision, events spiral out of control and affect everyone around him.
drugs, death, violence and despair cling to the characters and permeate the pages of this short book from start to finish. it is a depressing, tragic and violent portrayal of people whose dreams of a good life, love and success - dreams which only mirror those of the rest of humanity - remain elusive.
the major players are an interesting batch and Trap appears to be the most level-headed among them. he is sweet, helpful and keeps everything in balance. Gilgamesh and his sister bear their own scars but it is those on Gilgamesh which seal his undoing.
as part of Gilgamesh's "haunting," a demon called Zozo manifests itself. except for Gilgamesh, no one senses or sees Zozo and i think there really is no demon at all but Zozo is symbolic - a metaphor for Gilgamesh's angst-ridden mental state.
as for the conclusion, i was not prepared for it. it left me dazed and shocked for a brief moment and i wish things could have ended differently for Gilgamesh and the rest of the crew.
i would have wanted to give this a higher rating but there were a few typos and errors that threw me off. for example, "through" appeared twice for the word "threw."
  • "RC through an empty chip bag at the officer..."
  • "Gilgamesh picked up a random object and through it at Queen's head."
these and the others i saw could have easily been avoided though.
nevertheless, i was quite affected by the story. the author has the skill to grab the reader's attention, to lead him out of his comfort zone and to look closer at a slice of life's dark side albeit reluctantly. if not for this, i would have stopped reading already past the first ten pages.
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my personal rating is: 
Drams contains material suitable for readers 18 and above only. 


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