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Sunday, May 17, 2015

review: All Things Rise by Missouri Vaun

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." - Albert Einstein

All Things Rise
Ruth Coleman George or Cole has lived all her life on the ground with her aunts Ida and Vivian. when a cruiser crashes near their farm, she meets and rescues Ava Wayne, a commercial pilot. while getting used to her new surroundings, Ava witnesses an attack on Cole. Ava takes her immediately to the Cloud City of Easton for emergency surgery where Cole later encounters Dr. Audrey Jameson. the meeting of these three women from two different worlds triggers a series of events that will change their lives forever...

the futuristic world that author Missouri Vaun has brought to life is as interesting as it is plausible. the sci-fi aspect, though, is not hard-core which makes for easy reading and understanding of the technology prevalent in the cloud cities. this element served as a backdrop only which was good because the focus was really on the dynamics of the characters especially Cole, Ava and Audrey - whether they were interacting on the ground or above the clouds.

from the first page to the last, the writing was just perfect. Cole's insights shine with intelligence no matter how simple her perspectives are. Ava and Audrey's ruminations speak to everyone who has ever fallen in love or is in the process of doing so. another thing i found interesting was the speech made by Meredith, an anarchist. it was brilliant, powerful and intense.

aside from the romantic angle, i also loved how the author explored themes of contrast throughout the book - natural versus synthentic, flight or fight, solitude or companionship, love or lust, instant gratification or long-time commitment, tradition versus progress, the masses versus the elite, etc . in light of this, even details - no matter how minor - like colors, lighting, clothing, food, beverages, transportation, textures, crowds and nature are highlighted and given significance.

All Things Rise was a surprise read for me. when i grabbed an advanced copy from NetGalley, i thought it was an mm sci-fi romance but it was exactly the opposite. it was about women loving other women.

this lesbian romance novel was a first for me. i never imagined i would enjoy and like it so much. it went beyond my expectations and i found it informative and enlightening as well.

sometimes mistakes can be good.

*All Things Rise ships May 18, 2015 on Amazon  and is available in print and digital formats from its publisher Bold Strokes Books. for more information about Missouri Vaun, please visit her website at www.missourivaun.com and follow her on Twitter  and Facebook 

my personal rating is:
All Things Rise contains material suitable for adult readers only. 


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