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Thursday, May 7, 2015

review: Calasade: Wayward by Mark Stone

"Your grief shall last far longer than the corpses of those you mourn." 
- Keeper of Knowledge (Wayward epigraph)

Calasade: Wayward
grieving for her parents and desperate for food and company, Cristiana Rowe leaves the only home she ever knew. salvation finds her through Elder Henrik but what Cristiana thought was her deliverance turned out to be her damnation. she is a wayward after all...
Mark Stone's Calasade: Wayward is how graphic novels should be - more graphics and less prose. through his vibrant illustrations, the author has presented a story that cuts through the chase and goes straight for the jugular or your heart - whichever comes first. 
the plot is fairly simple but it is the development and presentation of that plot that sets it apart. the art work is very detailed and there are no superfluous components that would distract the reader's eyes. there are only three major characters and a minor player involved and the story flows smoothly from beginning to end. 
regarding the prose, it is formal, elegant and reflects the language of the continent of Calasade with its smattering of Latin terms. readers who are familiar with Mark Stone's works will easily recognize words like aio, nulla, lupa and caupona
i have only just recently been reading another Calasade novel and Wayward was a most welcome diversion. it only needs a few minutes of one's time and i highly recommend it to fans of fantasy and sword and sorcery. 

*Calasade: Wayward is available at Amazon, Google Play and Smashwords. for more information about author Mark Stone, his work and freebies for readers, please visit http://www.authormarkstone.com/

my personal rating is:
Calasade: Wayward contains material suitable for adult readers only. 


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