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Friday, January 22, 2016

02 Lady Reader Bookstuff Blog Tours: review: Learn Spanish the Gringa Way by Erin Ashley Sieber

as far as i can remember, i had always wanted to learn different languages other than my native tongue. i realized my dream when i majored in two European languages in college. it was both fun and challenging and frustrating at times. it helped though that i was already familiar with Spanish (20 units was part of the curriculum) since a lot of words in my native tongue had Spanish origins or were derived from it. 
my love and passion for learning languages has never dwindled and while i was reading this guide, i could not help but remember those days at the university - my attempts, blunders and triumphs!
it is not hard to relate to author Erin Ashley Sieber's experiences and i welcome her tips and techniques. her methods and approach are simple without resorting to too much technical details. i have done some of what she has outlined and i am eager to try out those i have not.
with a little tweaking, creativity and imagination, i believe that this book can be a helpful and useful reference not only in learning how to speak Spanish but also other languages as well.
in the end, learning a language and being successful in speaking, reading and writing it depends largely on the learner himself/herself. based on my experiences, i can tell you that it will be a long drawn-out, sometimes "torturous" process but in the end, every second will be well worth it.
*Learn Spanish the Gringa Way is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million in print and digital formats. for more information about Erin Ashley Sieber and her work, please visit her website at www.thegringa.com and follow her on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter.
**check out the book trailer and other details including a giveaway HERE 

my personal rating is:
Learn Spanish the Gringa Way contains material suitable for all readers.


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The Readdicts said...

I've always wanted to learn new languages as well, and Spanish is still on my list of languages to be learned! It's nice that this book was helpful. And what languages did you major in? I do agree that learning anything new is a torturous process but once you start seeing the results, it's all worth it. Nice review, Ao!

Sarika @ The Readdicts

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