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Friday, March 23, 2012

03 Tribute Books review: the Priest and the Peaches by Larry Peterson

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The Priest and the Peaches
the five Peach siblings have just lost their father. orphaned, grieving and confused, the Peaches must hold on to each other if they wish to survive in a grown-up world.
author Larry Peterson's novel invites the reader to a nostalgic trip to the Bronx during the 1960s and to witness the events that transpired after the death of the Peach patriarch.
it was not difficult to feel for the children. i am an orphan myself and the eldest child too. i can relate well with Teddy, the eldest brother, as he gathers his wits about him now that he takes over his late father's role as head of the family. the circumstances and intensity may be different but the emotions he felt were real and familiar because i went through them at one point in my life.  
the author vividly captured the actions and sentiments of the family and friends of the Peaches. he was able to populate his story with flesh and blood characters. as you read about them, you might recognize someone among your acquaintances, friends, relatives and family members. aside from Father Tim Sullivan, my two favorite ones are Dancer Peach and Beatrice Amon. Dancer's rebellious attitude and Beatrice's meddling ways provide the conflict which made the story more interesting to read.
i liked the way Mr. Peterson wove different scenarios and brought them all together especially the last six chapters.
there are religious themes evident throughout but they do not come across as preachy or overbearing. i think the underlying messages/reasons are more important than the Catholic rituals and beliefs that are mentioned.
i also love the fact that even if there were some drama involved, it was not too heavy. initially i found it a bit odd though that there was so much fun and laughter involved in some of the situations. as i continued reading, i understood later why it was so.
this book is simply written and beautifully told in a language that is accessible to all - even for middle grade readers. the message it brings is one filled with hope, faith, forgiveness and love.
everything and everyone happen for a reason and this book, in its own little way, explains to us how and why.
*The Priest and the Peaches is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBookstore and Payloadz.com. for more information about Larry Peterson and his work, please visit http://www.thepriestandthepeaches.com/ and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. for Tribute Books, please stop by http://www.tribute-books.com/ and follow them on Twitter and  Facebook
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  1. Ao, thank you so much for sharing your personal story along with your review. It means a lot to Larry and myself. I'm glad that the book rang true to you, especially in the character of Teddy.

  2. This is very attention grabbing! i really liked it

  3. hi Tribute Books! reading the novel triggered so many memories for me. i look forward to reading the sequel. thanks again for stopping by.


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